Tuesday, March 1, 2011

GPA - no, not my grade point average!!

On Thursday I am headed off to the Galleria outside downtown Atlanta for the Georgia Preschool Association Conference. This is my third time to be a presenter there and I am looking forward to spending the weekend with a lot of creative teachers of young children! I have been busy getting ready and double checking all of my "props'" (fun, little art activities for children - many appropriate for all ages!) My program this year is
F-U-N with the ABC's!! 
Twenty six or more ideas for incorporating creative ideas into everyday lessons!

I think some of the attendees are going to be very happy and surprised that I finally have a BLOG!! A few years ago, they started asking for a book or a self published pamphlet - even offering to pay for the handouts- and then they started saying you need a website or at least a blog so after dragging my feet, then researching how to blog and then just taking the plunge and deciding to "just do it".... I have a BLOG!! I can't wait to tell all those teachers!! ( Some of the ladies who have taken my workshops for years are not going to believe it!! I'm the person at work who has to say "it's me" when the Office Manager asks "who has all 3 machines in the workroom jammed???" )
And I will be adding tons of my GPA projects and tips in the next few weeks after the conference!!

These little blue birds of happiness are going to GPA!! You may see them later!

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