Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sometimes you just have to make a Peep!

Spring is Peep time - whether you want the sugary kind or a really cute Peep created from found items.
I pulled the yellow lids and tops out of my collection and gathered some pipe cleaners, google eyes, a scrap of peel and stick fun foam, a package of yellow feathers and Tacky glue.
That's all there is to it- On the larger Peep I used google eyes and on the smaller lids we just made two little dots with a Sharpie. The beak is a tiny, tiny triangle of orange fun foam. Just glue it all together and let it dry. Use a big glob of glue to hold the feathers and pipe cleaner legs onto the lid.

I decided to have the children write Peep on a small 3 inch square canvas and glue their little yellow peep onto that
A  hanger made from a pipe cleaner and some beads and this Peep is ready to hang around and wait to see what hatches for Spring!!  This project ( without the canvas) cost literally pennies and they are so cute! Since they are practically free you could make a family of peeps to glue to a bigger canvas or board. I also included a larger Peep made from a bigger lid in the picture which would be easier for little hands.
** I ask everyone I know to save bottle and jar lids for me. I use them for everything! Here is one of two tubs I have accumulated.
They are awesome - every color and size imaginable - and free!!!!  You'll be seeing more of these - I use them on so many projects. The children just love touching them and playing in the tub. They are a great free manipulative or sorting toy as well.

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