Thursday, April 14, 2011

Earth Day!!

I love Earth Day projects -
I love to reuse, recycle and repurpose anyway plus I love the colors on most of my Earth Day projects. Turquoisey blue and green.  Here are some old favorites.
This one I've done for years ( I mean YEARS!) Any age can do it, too. Even 2 year olds. If you can hold a Crayola water based marker you can do this :) Place a coffee filter on a piece of waxed paper and smooth it out so it will lay flat. Then you just scribble with markers in blues and greens. That's it - really. Then the children simply spritz the coffee filter with water using a spray bottle set to the finer mist - not stream. The water based markers "bleed" and create an Earth that looks like you are viewing it from space! Let it dry and then you can laminate it if you like and hang it up on display. ( I think you could make a whole Solar System this way by varying the marker colors and cutting the coffee filter to appropriate size- Let me know if you do.)
At church we celebrate Earth Day as Creation Day and one of our all time favorites is 
Creation Day Snack Mix.
I am the queen of snack mixes ( Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fishes and Loaves, Daniel and the Lion's Den - you name it!!)

I like for the children to make their snack mixes so I line the ingredients up assembly style and put different " scooping utensils" in each item. On the sign in front I put the number of scoops they should put of each item ( and they can always choose to omit an unwanted ingredient!) Since it's a snack mix it really doesn't matter if the directions are followed perfectly:) I give them a cup or baggie and they fix their own snack.

This is the sticker that I print and we stick it on the baggie that the mix goes into. We usually make one to eat right away and one to take home and share :) YUM!
( *on Day One I use mini Oreos and I twist them apart so the white cream shows as the "light" and I separate a big bag of m&m's by color for the different days.)
Be  green  for Earth Day!!

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  1. I saw your blog with the days of creation snacks. Target has goldfish crackers that are little chicks, so you could have the birds and fish together. :)