Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Summer!

 Happy Summer... I'm just sayin' !! 
I'm soooo glad it's hot and sunny! I just saw on The Weather Channel that it was snowing somewhere out West!! I am soooo glad I'm in the hot, sunny South. School is out and we've already had our first big party on our porch!! This sign is hanging on said porch and I feel a watermelon project or two coming up for the kiddos!
We love having cook outs with friends on the porch, going to the beach, reading in the evenings and I love working in the yard planting flowers in the Summer ( the rest of the fam is back on the screened porch for this one!!)...what do you like to do??

P.S. Summer is my catch-up time for scrapbooking, too. 
Or at least I try but I am never "caught up".

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  1. hi there!! just wanted to let you know that your project link is showing up great now on the life made lovely link up. have a happy day!