Friday, June 10, 2011

The Big Bloom Is Back!!

Remember the giant flower made from found objects that I posted about a couple months ago?? Well, it sits outside my office door and a lot of my art campers just had to have one! So, that's one thing we did this week at camp- we made a really big flower!! We used the same found objects, odds and ends of fun foam, and some 4 foot tall 1x2 white pine. We drilled a hole through all the layers of lids, caps, frisbees, mixing bowl covers and whatever else we could find and used a screw and a wing nut to hold it all together on the 1x2 wood stem. Some made leaves and others tied  scraps of fabric on the stem like I did on my big bloom! It's a big project but really simple and they couldn't wait to take them home, show them off and "plant" them in their yards.  For those that didn't want to plant theirs outside we offered up some recycled family size aluminum cans or coffee cans. They could use Plaster of Paris 
to "plant" their flower in their "pot."
It's fun to change up the scale that you work in. We tend to do a lot of projects with children that fit in the table space right in front of them but they really love it when they get to go "big" like this flower. Here's a shot of them lined up down the hallway on "take-home" day. Love the variety, color choices and the detail they added to their petals. 
A big, fun project for a small investment!

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