Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Art Camp Fun!!!

We are having a great time in People, Places and Things Summer Art Camp 2011.
 It's all about color and painting this week. One project that is very simple but is turning out to be so much fun is based on the "Follow The Line" books by Laura Ljungkvist. They are awesome. I found all 3 of mine on Amazon. The books are colorful and fun and focus on "contour drawing" which is simply continuous line drawing. You start a drawing and never lift your pencil or in this case black fine line sharpie- this is sometimes hard for younger children to understand and remember but it is fun to try it. We've had some laughs! First we had the children use liquid water colors and watered down acrylic ( we are using up odds and ends of those little  bottles  of craft paints so when they "seem" empty we put a little water in them and shake, shake,shake and it makes gorgeous "watercolors") to paint very large sheets of heavy paper. We just said to paint large areas of color and let them blend together. We wanted it to be very free and loose. We didn't tell them what they would be used for later. Then we let them dry overnight and the next day we read the books and talked about following the line...

 These are gorgeous- the color is amazing and the book they liked best was "Follow The Line Around the House." But I'm with this artist...
...  I would follow my line to the beach!!

Hope you are having a colorful summer!!

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