Friday, September 30, 2011

Eight is Great and a Little Urchin

I am going through my many tubs - more than 8 - that are filled with all the teaching aids and examples for when I hit the road " to teach teachers teaching" as College Girl says :)   That is why I have some seemingly randomly themed posts this week. It is a result of prepping for a little training event and a little organizing going on at the same time.
I did a post on Octopus ( O is for Octopus) a while back and mentioned that a paper plate budget version could be done very easily. I ran across my paper plate 8 legged sea creature sample! We just use odds and ends of colored paper plates and strips of fun foam to make our octopus. Bottle tops for eyes and a little torn fabric for the hanger. The legs could be numbered or if you used strips of paper you could print a fact about octopus on each tentacle.
  My advice- do not use those peel and stick notebook hole reinforcers to represent the "suction cups" on the tentacle. What a nightmare - too hard to peel for little fingers. Live and learn :)

 Here is another fun 8 legged guy! He's made from a paper cup and four long strips of fun foam. They are just glued on the bottom criss crossing! I cut a circle to glue over the bottom of the strips and wrote an octopus "fact" on it. Could be done with paper just as easily. I just like how substantial the foam tentacles are.
The "suction cups" on this one are made with fingerprints using an ink pad!!
Anything with little fingerprints on it is a parent pleaser!!
And one more octopus project. I really do like these guys. This project has been around forever but sometimes we forget about the oldies but goodies and this one uses cutting skills and costs nothing!

It's the old paper toilet tube octopus!! For little guys you can draw dotted lines but it's a great lesson in cutting and on 1/2's, 1/4's and 1/8's!! You just keep cutting in half until your octopus has 8 legs!! Paint him and add a couple of big wiggle eyes!
I'm enjoying digging through these boxes - especially the one with all the "ocean-y" stuff! I'm not ready to let go of Summer and beach weather!
... And here are my "sea urchins" for the water table :) Just use waterproof glue on the wiggle eyes!!
Are sea urchins cute or what??

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