Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Seriously, how many times can you write Chicka Chicka Boom Boom??!
Here's my Chicka Tree- it's magnetic!!! So you can give the children a letter or two and as you read the story they can stick the letter on to the Chicka Tree at the appropriate time!!
That means great listening skills are needed!!
It's simply made from 3 of the large family size cans. I got the church kitchen to save them for me- you could ask in the school cafeteria as well. I used a little peice of masking tape to hold the stack together and then I wrapped them in woodgrain Contact Paper. You want the top can to have the opening at the top for two reasons... one is so that your silk fern can go in the top to make the palm fronds and...

You can store the magnetic letters in the top!! Yeah! You always know where they are!
I am hoping to find something a little cuter for the palm fronds or at least spray mine lime green or something more fun than the fake fern as is. It does take a beating, lifting it out and so on, so don't invest in an expensive silk fern. But even the way it is, it's a cute Chicka Tree!
 The Chicka Tree is a great way to start the year if you are teaching the alphabet or letter of the week and it works great with a Jungle themed unit, too.

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