Thursday, September 29, 2011

There She Blows or Cold Season or Jonah and the Whale???

I'm pulling a few things out for a quick little staff enrichment for some teachers I know. It's just quick  tidbits from some previous training sessions I have done. The goal is to get them excited, in a creative teaching mood and thinking outside the box- in this case, the Kleenex box!!
I'm mixing it up quite a bit- The whale is because they are doing "Jonah" in Chapel!! I saw a tissue box holder on the internet some time ago that was shaped like a whale but I thought, "why not the actual Kleenex box?" Maybe something fun would encourage more sniffles control?? I spraypainted my tissue box with gray primer, then spattered it with blue paint. I used the little cardboard oval that you tear out of the middle to open the Kleenex box as the tail. I just cut out a shape and hot glued it on. I drew a mouth and a dot for an eye and that was it... except I couldn't resist making a little nautical looking pennant that said- you guessed it- There she blows!!
After the Kleenex are gone you could use little paper doll "Jonah's" to play with the whale box. Just remove the banner so no one pokes the stick in their eye!! Each child could make a whale - filled the Kleenex are only a dollar but you could collect empty tissue boxes, create the whales and just put a single tissue in the box to represent the "blow."That's what our guide in Alaska called it- seriously- and it is moving something like 30 miles an hour!!!
For a Science project older students could write whale facts on strips of paper and place them in the box. The strips could be shaped like big drops of water and placed to look like the water spout or just tucked inside ( almost like the "report in a bag" format.)
There she blows!!

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