Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Let's talk turkey..

I know I'm putting the cart before the horse, or really the turkey before the pumpkin! It's not Halloween yet and here I am pulling out the turkeys! Just in case you want to get a head start on some turkey crafts, here's a cute one - and a cute turkey is not easy to come by!!
This guy is made from a block of 4x4 scrap that I found after a fencing project. Then when he was so cute we made them for art class so I bought a 4x4 and we cut it into chunks. The feathers are colored jumbo crafts sticks because I had them. You could just as easily paint them your choice of colors. They are glued on the back of the block. One year some of the older children wrote what they were thankful for or their family members' names on the "feathers". We painted our block and gave it some polka dots - just trying to "cute" a turkey up a bit!  

I feel a little bad about this headless turkey shot but I wanted you to see how he's put together. We cut the handle off a wooden spoon ( I find mine at Dollar Tree - 3 or 4 in a bag for a dollar) and saved that for another project. We drilled a hole in the center of the block and stuck the head/spoon in.
We tied a bow around his neck - I used raffia, some chose ribbon or fabric scraps. The eyes are buttons and the beak and wattle are fun foam scraps.
This Tom is a pretty cute guy!

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  1. Seriously so so cute and I can do this with my girls. Thank you for sharing!
    I hope you will come link this up at on Thursday. It is Thanksgiving week. We are a craft challenge blog and you may win the top prize or great giveaway. Come by and see the great Thanksgiving projects everyday this week.