Thursday, November 3, 2011

From Humble Beginnings...

... Spunky angels with tons of personality!!

Aren't they great?? The artists were 4 to 7 year olds and they completed these great folk art angels at an afternoon art camp!
We started with an angel "blank"
   which is simply a  2 foot long section of 1x4 pine. The first angel was made from a scrap but then when we had so many sign up for the class I had to actually purchase pine boards. I nailed two paint stick legs on one end and a loop of wire for a hanger on the other end and they were ready for the creative fun to begin. 
We began with a white basecoat and painted the face area a flesh color. We predominately used the Blikcrylic paints because they go on so smoothly and dry very quickly. We used small craft bottles of metallics and they were gorgeous. We sponged on stars and painted stripes on the legs.
And here they are - spouncers being used for the eyes and cheeks! Perfect circles everytime and the kids think they are so much fun!

We added a little glamour when we painted the faces! They turned out so great with so much personality and they had the best time with the eyelashes and fancy smiles! I love the face on this one. :)

A few finishing touches - this awesome garland was at Wal Mart the other day. We chose either gold or silver for our halos and then I used the nail gun to attach them to the top of our angels' head. It is just flexible enough to make a perfect halo - it bends into a nice circle. Wire with beads or silver or gold pipecleaners are good halo choices as well.  I usually use recycled milk cartons for wings on my angel and bug projects but, again, so many signed up for the class that I had to come up with something else. I couldn't gather enough milk jugs in the amount of time I had to get ready. I had some plastic mesh canvas ( like you use for needlework) so I went with that and I had to buy a couple sheets to have enough. Each 59 cent sheet made 3 sets of wings. This is a very reasonably priced project even if you have to purchase the wood. The 2 foot section was less than $2.00, the paintsticks were free from Sherwin Williams, I used paint I had except for the $1.27 bottle of metallic paint. The wings are free or 20 cents a pair and you can always find something sparkly and inexpensive for the halo. It would be cute to have the kids make some  for Christmas gifts and you could definitely reduce the size by simply using a smaller section of wood.

While we were finishing up the angels I asked the class if they had ever heard the
saying " Everytime a bell rings, an angel gets its wings..."  I happened to be going from child to child stapling on the wings wherever they placed them and the office phone rang and one of the little girls called out, "The phone ringing is like a bell and all our angels are getting their wings! It's true!! " We all laughed and our great angels all earned their wings.

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