Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hooray for Grads!!!

We are off for a busy weekend of Graduation parties. College Girl came home to see some of her faves at their parties!!
For years this card has been my "standard" graduation gift. They really want/need/love getting money (and take it from a mom who is paying for college right now - they always need some cash!!)

I create a little grad cap from scrapbook paper and a diploma from cash!! Sometimes I use their school colors and sometimes I just stick to classic black and white. Depends on how many of these I am cranking out!! ( The black strip at the bottom is just temporarily covering our name! )

I use this neat little punch to make the holes for the ribbon to thread through.
I've had it forever

Here is a blurry side view to give you an idea how I put it all together.

And because she is a special friend, a little something extra...
bet you can't guess where she's headed in the Fall!!

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  1. Again, I love what you do and again I had to feature you on BeColorful this week.