Monday, June 4, 2012

ROY G BIV, a very cool guy...

Summer is Art Camp time - a whole week of messy fun, not just an afternoon like we have when school is in session! Our little Art Campers learned all about color - starting with the order of the colors in the rainbow (spectrum.) We created a Roy G Biv puppet to help us remember what comes after red...and that blue and indigo are different in the spectrum, etc.  Roy is a very cool, fun and colorful guy!! I have made Roy G Biv projects in a variety of ways through the years but turning him into a puppet was a lot of fun  (this was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest but didn't pin .) Love the black and white polka dotted ties!


All of these "Roy's" were made by four year olds. They are drying overnight and then the finishing touch will go on before they go home - we have a "Hello My Name Is Roy G Biv" nametag just like you see at meetings.

This next batch of "Roy" puppets was created by our 3's class ands I told my staff that these are how Picasso would have represented Roy G Biv!!  They are fun and creative!

Don't miss the one with one yellow strip of hair and the bow tie as the nose!! Very Picasso :)

Now that we understand color we can get on with more colorful projects! Stay tuned!!

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