Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer, continued...

or discontinued???
Tomorrow the kiddos in my county go back to school.
Yep, it's just August 3rd and hotter than you can imagine.
Especially on a school bus.
So everyone around here is thinking about
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and I'm still thinking about things like this
india hicks
Portofino, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy  画
Lapahoe'hoe rocks & surf, Hamakua Coast, Big Island, Hawaii  The Big Island is the best!!
Beach Cottage, Jamaica
Sea Cliffs, Normandy, France
( The whole fam is dying to return to Normandy).
And I'm not just daydreaming...
I've worked out the transportation issues, too!!
Underwater train in Venice, Italy.
You prefer boats?
On our next trip to Italy, we are going here... Capo Vaticano, Italy @Karie Hayden @Leah Pinholster @Colleen Willoughby
A newer model, perhaps?
so awesome!
And if you are not crazy to be beside the water like I am then we could just go here.
giraffe manor kenya
Premium Experience #6: African Safari - Private tours to see animals in their natural habitats. Relaxing spa treatments in the evenings. Exploring authentic cuisine and beverage!
Where do you want to go?
All images and sources are on my Pinterest 'Take me There" board.


  1. Beautiful inspiration photos - so many wonderful places to visit! Thanks for linking up to Take Me Away!