Thursday, October 22, 2015

#motherdaughterorc Week 3

Progress or panic?
You be the judge!

I had a list last week and I was crossing things off and feeling groovy.
And now, the reality of Week 3.

We started painting the ceiling with Sherwin Williams Drizzle at 50% 
but it was a bit too dark for the small spaces. 
We loooooved the color but decided to lighten up and went with Drizzle at 25%
 which we absolutely love.

And to make everyone else participating in Calling It Home's ORC 
feel better I have posted our "progress" picture. 
It looks like something from a Halloween horror movie! #scary

And absolutely nothing happening on the floor front yet.
The wide gray cabana stripes were cute but they gotta go. 
And soon. (It's week 3 for crying out loud.)

But hey, we had a good day at Goodwill!

And last week you may have seen on Instagram
that I found the cutest little bamboo shelf at the best consignment shop in North Georgia.

There's a paint job in its future.

We would have liked to have made more progress this week but I am in charge of a huge yardsale fundraiser at church for our 2016 mission trips. Yes, we have to start now.
It is time consuming but it's exciting when beauties like these roll in...

(Henry Link at a yard sale. #happyday)


  1. Replies
    1. We were pretty lucky to find all of that in one store in one trip. We were in and out with all that in less than 15 minutes :) We were like an invading army ... seek and buy blue and white!!

  2. love your finds!!!! I need to come shop with you!

    1. Thank you. We have had some great days at Goodwill. I'm thankful for what others toss :)

  3. That bamboo table is perfection. I also adore your blue and white Goodwill finds.
    Great work!

    1. Thank you! It was an amazing day at Goodwill. Nothing better than coming around the racks and seeing a bunch of blue and white for under $10!!!

  4. You have a great Goodwill! I am loving following this room!

    1. Thank you for following along and we are pretty lucky with all the Goodwill's in the area!!

  5. Oh my god - that is such a score of blue and white! I love to go to Goodwill - my main goal is more blue and white! Jealous!

    1. It was a great haul. Mollie and I divided it up and we were both happy :) Sometimes I find so much in a week I have to restrain myself and then other times I go weeks and don't find any Blue and white at all!! Keep on looking!!