Sunday, January 31, 2016

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I feel like Kia should use me in a commercial.
 Downsizing over the last few years from a Suburban to a Kia Soul
 has not affected my ability to haul "good stuff" home. 
I can creatively pack it in!!
And below: All the "finds" we brought home from Charleston after Thanksgiving Break!

Our snow (last weekend) did not amount to much. It was pretty while it snowed.

It was incredibly cold so I snuggled up and reread this awesome book: 

We painted some more in Mollie's room.

Sorry for the grainy nighttime iphone pic but we had a stand off!!
 Someone was in someone else's "spot."

And I think everything in this Etsy shop is adorable but these pink and red monogram and chinoiserie cards take the cake!!
The picture is on Dana Mahnke's feed but they are from LB Originals.

And, boom! January is over.

 I can't believe it's February already but I hope Mr. groundhog predicts an early Spring!!

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