Saturday, January 23, 2016

I've Got Color on a Snowy Day

Looking for something entertaining to do while you watch it snow??
(If you are anywhere on my side of things,  the East Coast above Florida, then apparently you've got a Winter white world!!)
So go to this website  Lamps Plus and shop the rainbow
Seriously so fun!!
 and the lamps appear in the color with a plethora of shade options.
Lemon Twist Double Gourd Table Lamp with Rhinestone Lace Trim
Need some sunshine on a snowy day? Not loving that shade???Lemon Twist Sheer Double Shade Double Gourd Table Lamp
Or maybe you are feeling blue??
River Blue - Satin Turquoise Shade Apothecary Table Lamp
Or I was reading about Design tension which is used to give a room that" little something extra", the unexpected zing, so maybe this color lamp
Verve Violet - Satin Light Gray Shade Ovo Table Lamp
or maybe
Lime Rickey Apothecary Table Lamp with Braid Trim
this could brighten your day and room??
It's called "Lime Rickey"??
Just saying that makes you smile!
So go to Lamps Plus  and entertain yourself!! *
Color Plus Collection - Colored Glass Lamps
*I am I in no way affiliated with Lamps Plus or have been compensated for this post.
 I just think this is fun and I love any site or store where you can shop by color.
Those ROY G BIV lessons really stuck!

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