Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Our family room walls are white. 
Glossy, regular old Sherwin Williams "white."

(They've been burgundy, tan, greige and
 an unfortunate gray blue that looked like baby boy nursery blue in our light in that room.
 That was repainted in a flash!)

 Nothing fancy.
( But the glossy part is important to me. )

This picture was taken with my iphone on a rainy afternoon. Sorry it's not better :)
My parents gave me a 1 time deep house cleaning as a gift back in July  (right before Mollie's college graduation party) and a team of 4 ladies spent about 6 hours at my house.
 They cleaned everything. It was!!
 Even though the pic is grainy everything is spotless at the same time!!! #trueluxury

And right there smack dab in the middle is the scary fan!
It has been replaced with a ceiling hugging bamboo fan without a light fixture.

There's a lot of white in that room but there is also a lot of texture.

Shiny tortoiseshell bamboo and sandpaper rough coral.

Natural elements like turtle shell, glossy green leaves, small sea shells.
Green glass, blue and white pottery.
(The turtle shell is a musical instrument from Honduras and was a gift. They eat the turtle meat and repurpose the shell.
And I just noticed a Sharpie on the wicker tray. I'm never far from a Sharpie!)

Wicker and rattan and more bamboo.
And lots of textiles. 
Quilted and woven. Ikat and Velvet.

(The blue and white blanket was woven in Honduras and brought home on our previous trip.)

More coral, pewter, shiny book jackets and painted wood.

And glossy white walls, shiny black lamps, textured oil painting, carved wooden boxes and shiny, shiny conch shells from a Bahamas trip with rough brick below 
(and, oh, how I want to paint that brick white!)

The trim is glossy white, too.
 I love light reflecting off of glossy surfaces and it helps in a room that doesn't get much light.

More bamboo  and wood and mixed metals. 

Texture is a game changer and a best friend to white walls!


  1. Your living room looks absolutely beautiful! Love all the texture and warmth with your accessories.

    1. Thank you so much Leslie!! It's a very lived in room!!