Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Stuff.

Spring stuff from my iPhone.

Spring is O-fficially here and I'm so glad.
People are already complaining about the infamous Atlanta pollen 
but I will happily sneeze my way through the day if only it is warm.
Of course, the first day of Spring brought a freeze warning 
after two weeks of 70 plus degree weather.
I had disobeyed my 91 year old friend, Mr. Buman, who told me not to get excited 
and plant anything until after Good Friday.
Not listening to your elders always gets you in trouble.

That is why I have a huge urn and a 6 foot tall palm in my foyer 
 There are ferns and little leaves all over the dining area of the kitchen.
He tells me every year. 
When will I listen?

( Oh, and the bamboo and rattan bench was a lucky thrifting find.
She needs a little work but I love her.
 The mold is scrubbed off so a coat of clear and some repairs are coming her way!!)

And speaking of ferns..

I bought this fern as a birthday gift for a friend. I didn't want to give it up!

Does this fern make my car look small?
I bought it from Kelli Green Nurseries in Marietta.
If you are local, go by there and treat yo'self.
 They have the best plants!!

 We are gearing up for our annual Easter traditions which includes Easter Service 
(3 for me including Sunrise #churchstaff ), 
a huge meal on the porch ( if the forecast for rain on Easter goes away) 
which is themed every year. 
This year it is Hawaiian Breakfast Brunch.
 I hope I remember to take pictures. 
It's going to be yummy. (It would be better in Hawaii.)
And my now famous egg hunt 
guaranteed to get all the young adults and teenagers off their  mobile devices and moving!!

The shrubs and trees have popped and are in full bloom.
This is the lorapetalum by my front door.
I think another name is Chinese Fringe flower.

It's gorgeous.
All those fringy, pink blooms.

 And more pink flowers because Mollie's part-time job became a full time position!!! 

 Have a good Good Friday and a wonderful Easter weekend with your family and friends.

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