Monday, June 20, 2016

from my iphone...

I have not compiled one of these "from my iphone" lists in quite some time.
So here goes, in no particular randomness...  

(And most of these are images saved from IG)

Planning to get a Lily Planner is still one of Mollie's favorite things to do. I can't wait to use one someday.
 I have to use one provided by my workplace. 
Maintaining two would be too confusing. 

I need to go here. 

I am a big fan of porches. 
Especially this one. 
I have a blue ceiling on my porch.
 I think it's a given. Porch ceilings should be blue. #itsasouthernthing

Makes me want to paint something "serious" 
a bright, fun orange! 

Mollie and friends took my phone on the flight from Honduras and gifted me with 38 selfies while I was talking to someone. 
They had it maybe two minutes. 
Mollie says #yourewelcome

I love this feed cause I love Charleston. 

I want to line my steps with hostas. 
This is a fabulous gardening inspiration IG feed. 

Obsessed with this room. 
I'm freshening up the Master with things I have already and this is my kind of "look".
 I love the OKL feed! I save images all. the. time. 

I'm still obsessed with my hydrangeas this Summer. 

Again with OKL.
 I have the flamingo print in my downstairs powder room. I'm planning a gallery wall in the Master Bath. I have everything ready.
 The planning part of this is that I just need to do it! 
And I'm late to the gallery wall thing. 
It's probably "out" but I have extra stuff and I've chosen a big blank wall in the Master Bath. 
It's the only big blank wall I have. 

I do not need any more chairs. 
I do not need anymore chairs. 

 So that's my fair share of random things for today!