Friday, August 19, 2016

On Garden Pond...

Remember when I was pondering a few months ago?
These are the ugly 'befores."
We had to move a pond due to another project 
and I was definitely  not  "all in" on the work involved.
My husband reallllly wanted a pond at this end of the porch still 
(there's another little one at the other end of the screened porch)
where he could hear the trickling water sound from "his" chair on our beloved porch.

So I grumpily began moving the liner and pump from the previous location.
I was determined to use what we had laying around.
After a few changes in layout plans I hit my stride and it went together very quickly. I had to build a small 'retaining wall" from some pavers we had hauled home years ago when a house nearby was having a concrete driveway poured to replace the creamy gold pavers that had been there for over 40 years. 
They gave them to us and we have used them for so many projects.

Then I filled the area with dirt left from the Boules Court project (here)
I used the pavers from the previous pond and a firepit project. They are not exactly the same color. As soon as it cools off a bit I will paint them with a buttermilk concoction
 and try to grow some moss on them. 
I love moss in the landscape and I think it unifies different finishes and things that look too new.

I had the two large pots and the one in front hanging out in my potting area. I divided some hostas and a few other plants and started planting.
I also bought a few plants from the  clearance area in the Lowe's garden Center. (No sponsorship here. Just a tip that they mark plants down to a dollar or two and all they need is some water and maybe a little fertilizer)
I bought the butterfly bush from in front of my Kroger for $4.99 and put it in the largest pot. It has doubled in size. 
I couldn't plant until I got back from my mission trips and things have filled in quickly.

So this pond barely cost a thing to install.
Bargain plants filled in with some TLC.
And the trickling sound is relaxing when we sit on the porch.

So if you are pondering installing a small pond, I say go for it!

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