Saturday, September 3, 2016

from my iphone...

In one week Mollie had the opportunity to watch her HS Track teammate, Kendall Williams, perform as an USA Olympic Athlete (I know!!!)

                                                                             (Opening Ceremonies - Rio 2016)

(A cute post from her brother and UGA teammate, Devon)

(We were glued to the TV - hoping to see Kendall!!)

 Then we quickly bought tickets to go see the Major League debut of a friends' son (Dansby Swanson #2) at The Ted that Wednesday night (picture below) and then at the end of the week another HS Track teammate began his first professional football career as an LA Ram - Go Brian!
I guess these kids ate their Wheaties before school!!

What a week!!

I'm loving these water trough "pools" 
 They have filtration systems, are big enough to cool off in and are giant galvanized buckets. I love galvanized buckets.
They are all over Pinterest... I'm seriously wanting one.

I'm crazy for oyster shell anything.
 Including eating the actual oyster so this birdbath is amazing in my book.

When I'm bored or waiting somewhere I play with Waterlogue on my iphone.
(I know it's been around a while but I never get tired of it!)

My sister has chickens. I want chickens. I live in a city.

I think (pun intended) my mom is good at vignettes.

He's a handsome boy!

It's a holiday weekend... If you need us, we'll be here.


  1. Have you ever printed anything from the Waterlogue application ?

  2. I actually have printed from waterlogue. I download my phone to my computer and store my photos in Picasa which is a free photo editing tool. I have printed on matte photo paper and on watercolor paper just to see how they look. It's kind of amazing how well thy turn out. Nothing is as fabulous as a real watercolor but it's kind of fun.