Thursday, February 16, 2017

from my iphone 2/16/2017

I think it's been a while since I've done a random iphone photo dump 
so here ya go in no particular order:

I'm all sucked in to Grey Gardens again since it's in the news.
The house and grounds are on the market. 
You cannot help but be intrigued by the story.

Image result for grey gardens documentary

I'm already busy prepping for Summer travels and I am definitely ordering  Life Straws. 
Image result for life straw
I am excited to have this instead of other items I have used 
to make sure our water is safe in emerging nations. 
I love this technology!
We built water purification systems for homes in Honduras last Summer 
and I'm sure the filter situation was similar to this. 
Thank you to whomever nailed this!

I love this pineapple. 
I'm ready for warm weather and delightful drinks 
and this would make all of that even better.

I found this at GW this week. Yay me!


Mollie has moved on from pairs to triplets :)

I love everything about this little alcove!!
Bamboo chair. Elephant garden stool.
Palm trees. Blue and white. What's not to love? Let's go there!

I'm a huuuuge fan of IG.
Most of this iphone dump is screenshots from my IG scrolling. 
Quick snippets of pretty. 
Usually no long commentaries - I just gloss over anyway.
 IG is my relaxing, fun "me" time so I don't stop for anything negative.
I'm looking for happy!

Doesn't this just make you happy?
That crusty fountain, spring-y blooms. 
I want to see more of that pink Chinoiserie pillow 
and the colors in that platter!

Have a great weekend! 
Mine is slammed full. Busy!
But we do have fish tacos and margs planned for Friday night!

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