Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy 2018!

I say this all the time and it's probably trite and overused to some of you but...
It really is "the little things" that get us through the hour, the day, the week, life, if we choose to find the joy in them. 
So I'm going to be focusing on the little things in my life that make my day, hour, minute sing.
And try to remember to share them with you. Here. This year.

So, one of the first "little things" that made me happy in 2018 was an image from my January 2018 Southern Living. It technically arrived in 2017 but I didn't open it until after the holidays. 
And half the blogs in the world have been "recapping" the article or analyzing or whatever. In my opinion it doesn't require any commentary. It's fabulous and I want to live in this room. Every day.
Here is the image - I know you've seen it by now :)

It is the home of designer Allison Allen from Atlanta.
(I love alliteration, too!)

But what caught my eye and made me smile was the white mirror on white wall action!!

If you remember this was a major decision in my last One Room Challenge and I'm still loving it at my house and I'm feeling pretty excited that this room that has gone viral has that same element.

Here is my white mirror on my white wall.
Freshened up for January with a fern in a freshly polished brass container.
(You can see the mirror's Christmas look here.)


  1. I really like this post. The focus on the little things will give you lots of wonderful material to reflect on and share on your wonderful blog. And thanks for sharing the beautiful image, I had NOT seen it before and agree that it’s warm and classic. Doesn’t it feel good to see your good taste validated by an admired designer? That’s great!

    1. Thank you Leslie, and yes, a little validation is fun!! It IS the little things :)

  2. Hi Marcie
    You could blink your eyes and have that room. Just go to your store and stash. It really is a beautiful space. I explored her instagram. Very juicy. Your foyer looks lovely.

    1. Thank you Karen- my stash is very helpful for sure!. I love finding a new IG account to explore, don't you??