Monday, February 5, 2018

Easy Peasy Valentine's Day Treat for All Ages.

These are so cute and so quick. 
The picture got a lot of "play" on IG so I thought I'd share a few details.

Valentine's Day Candy Skewers!
These are quick and easy. Inexpensive even if you are making quite a few.
Easy to make ahead and transport.   
Cute, fun and pretty in pink!

I bought wooden skewers from Wal Mart. The dollar store often has them. 
One end is flat and the other is pointed. 
They were 97 cents for 50.

The cello bags are inexpensive and available at Wal Mart or Hobby Lobby. 
I had a stash from Nashville Wraps. 
They have every size and shape and I think everything looks better wrapped up in cello.
The prices are good if you need cello in bulk and they ship quickly.

The candy!!
You want any and all soft candy or candy with a hole in the center that you can find 
plus big pink and white marshmallows.
We bought ours at Wal Mart, Dollar General and Dollar Tree. 
There are tons of dollar bag choices. 
We bought fruit chew type candies in multiple shapes and flavors - anything pink, peachy pink or red. 
Gummie Lifesavers and a couple of other chewey candles are ring shaped 
so they just drop right on the skewer. 
The rest of the candy you simply slide down the skewer. 
This is why you want "soft" candy.

I also bought Little Debbie heart shaped cakes for the "topper." 

Spread out all the candy, slide it on the skewer in any order 
(I didn't even try to make them exactly the same but you could), 
pop them in the cello bag and tie them closed. 
We dropped a few Red Hots in each cello bag.

We used a twist tie to get them sealed tightly and then put pink and red grosgrain ribbon (any pink or red ribbon would be fine. I always pick up the cute rolls of "themed" ribbon at the Target Dollar Spot)
 and white curling ribbon over the twist tie to make them frilly and fun!

*Please note: One end of the skewer is pointed. You need the point in order to easily slide the candies on. If you are making these for children you can snip the pointed end of the skewer off with kitchen shears (very easy) and then add the Little Debbie Cake to the end.


  1. Love these Marcie! They are so pretty and festive and would actually be great for kids with food allergies (like mine!). I suppose they could be customized for any holiday too. You have me scheming! Thanks for the great idea!

    1. Yes, they can be customized for any holiday. Peeps work great at Easter. And when we leave off the Little Debbie cake and top with a marshmallow then these are GF which is the thing at our house:) So yes, it does work for food allergies and celiac - just buy whatever works and skewer it! Kids love things on a stick. And several adults bought them at the Bake sale to give to friends at work.