Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Year. A New Blog.

The idea behind this blog is to share creative ideas for art and craft projects  using inexpensive, free, recycled and repurposed items. I have a backlog of ideas that I've used through the years and a lot of new ideas I am ready to get going on!! I collect all kinds of crazy found items that can be turned into fun and funky projects. I'll try to keep a running list of things to collect for future projects so you'll always be prepared when the creative urge strikes ( or your child has to produce an amazing project before morning and forgot to tell you when it was assigned) or you need a gift and forgot to pick something up (handmade gifts are best anyway) or you just need something cute to hang around the house and freshen things up.  These projects will be perfect for school projects, teachers, homeschooling moms, gifts, church activities and more. I can't wait to figure this blogging thing out and post the first projects.... they might be snow related because we are in a deep freeze in the deep South this week :)  Five inches of snow in my backyard and no thaw in sight. (Two weeks ago I was in Hawaii-seriously- and I'm having a little trouble staying warm.) Not what we are used to here in the South but it is beautiful and quiet and a great chance to clean up my crafting space after the creative chaos of the holidays... where are my scissors....any scissors?? and tape?? - forget about it... bring back my Sharpies right now...
So let me clean up my space, thaw out and get this blog thing going.... check back and we'll make great stuff together.... thanks for your patience... I'm not a computer guru but I can sure cut and glue!!

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