Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Chinoiserie Shelfie

I found this little shelf at GW about 2 months ago. 
I wasn't sure where it was going in my home ...
but I knew it was going home with me!

Some haters gonna hate but I painted this little shelf.
It had some damage to the finish 
and I thought it would work better for me if it was painted. 
I've been waiting to decide the "where" so I could decide what color!

Progress shot. It's painted and I'm deciding how high to hang it. 
Also, how to hang it because it was a bit heavy 
and I knew some large shells were going on it as well.

Cooper is very enthusiastic about interior design :)

The previous display shelf in this area actually sat on the table top 
so I'm excited that this one will hang. 
It means I can put a lamp on this table and we need a lamp at this end of the couch.
(It means more display space too!)

The shells and coral are from our travels. 

The blue and white lamps and planter are thrifted. The bamboo chair was thrifted as well.
The table was my grandmother's from Charleston. I love that table. It's still "brown" :)
The seascapes were inherited from my great-uncle and I love them.

The plant is a white bird of paradise I bought on a trip to Florida a few weeks ago.
 I hope my thumb is green enough that it blooms someday.
I've moved it outside to a sunnier spot to help it bloom 
and replaced it with a pretty little fern leaf begonia.

*not sponsored but I used this spray paint to paint my shelf. 
It was a great color - Smokey Beige. 
The coverage was great too - I was covering black!