Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Makeover...

 She wasn't an attractive ottoman but she had a good personality and sturdy legs...
This is about as much of a "before" photo as I have.
This was once a very nice upholstered ottoman. My mom handed it down to us and my husband used it in his office/man cave for a while.  She was old and a little worn.  We put her in the basement and somehow she never made it to Goodwill. 
Thank goodness. 
I gave her a second look a while back and dragged her upstairs. I gave her a good vacuuming and then I lifted her skirt and cut it right off. 
I primed her sturdy legs.

Then I made a little slip cover out of a washed and tumbled canvas drop cloth. 

(** Disclaimer:  I have said many times before that I am not a seamstress in any shape or fashion.  I'm sure there are many better ways to go about this but I just drape, pin, sew and trim off the excess. It works for us. )

This decision to revamp the stool  was made about 10 p.m. one night so the pictures are a bit dark and grainy. But if I didn't have an iphone I'm not sure I'd ever remember to snap pictures along the way.

Everyone has turquoise zebra print upholstery fabric hanging around their house in case they decide to redo an ottoman at 10 p.m. after all fabric stores close, right? 
Well, that's how it went down at our house.
Using the same drape, pin,sew, trim technique as the dropcloth dust cover
I made a turquoise zebra print cover for the ottoman.

After I made sure all of the sewing did, in fact, fit I gave her sturdy little legs a coat of
 Sherwin Williams Spa that was still hanging around from the turquoise ombre chairs we painted 
( You may have seen their progress on Instagram)

And here she is all cute and zebra-y and turquoise in College Girls townhouse.

We love her new look and she is a super useful addition.

And,total cost??
I had everything on hand and if I had needed to buy fabric it would have been 
less than $10.00 with a coupon at Hobby Lobby 
or at the fabric store in CG's college town. 
Their prices are amazing.