Thursday, January 23, 2014

Well, Hello.

Well, hello. Happy New Year. Yes, I know it is almost the end of January. 
I have not posted since December 14th. I feel bad about that because a LOT has been going on and I have some great (I think) stuff to blog about but I'm so busy with all of it that I  just haven't posted. Plus, I have had some blogger/computer issues that are 
so frustrating that I have to just walk away. 
So. No posts in over a month.
And no pictures on this post. ** See above comment  about computer issues. 
When I win the lottery I'm getting myself a Mac. Period. I never thought I would desire certain technology so much but I just do.
**And about the winning the lottery comment. 
Any time I say that College Girl always says, " Right. We'll never see any of the lottery winnings because mom will be in Haiti feeding children within 24 hours." True. But I will stop and get Macs so we can all communicate while I am cooking in Haiti. 
That would be so much fun.
Also. It has been years - really- since I have bought a lottery ticket so really this is all hot air.
But, fess up, do you ever think about what you would do if you won the lottery?? 
I actually knew some people who won the lottery years ago. They were clients at a job I had right out of college. It was crazy. They won a boatload of money.
I might buy a boat. Just sayin'.
OK, back to reality.
I haven't blogged BUT I have been on the mollie's mom FB page
and on instagram like crazy. That's where you can see what I've been up to.
I have to say that I love Instagram. 
It is right up my alley- lots of images and not much opinion!!
It's a "quick fix' in the social media world. I am following quite a few Australian bloggers on IG and I absolutely love their beachy style and the fact that I can have Summer vicariously right now via Australian bloggers. I'll take warm, summery posts any way I can get them. I'm over the term Polar Vortex. Completely.
So check out Instagram and the FB page and I'll try to get some posts up soon. I'm off to teach at conferences all weekend so I'm thinking it will be after that before I try to get something on the ol' blog- computer permitting. 
Still scrolling down and thinking surely this isn't a pictureless post?? 
That's against all the rules and codes of blogging. 
 But in the picture department- nada. 
Go to the above mentioned IG and FB posts and you will see some colorful posts and a cute snowguy or two.
And here's a teaser... just like on TV... CG moved- again. Uh huh.
 So we have more new apartment/budget decorating posts and pics in our future. Oy.