Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's A Color-filled World!!!

Today I got up verrrrrry early and drove to Piedmont Park in Downtown Atlanta to join College Girl and her Chi O sisters for the

The Color Run benefits Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. The run sold out so they added a second chance to run next Saturday at Atlanta Motor Speedway. It is the most amazing event and such a day.
I have never seen so many runners in one place and that's saying a lot because College Girl ran Track and Cross Country for 4 years in High School. I've seen a few runners in my day!

So the thing that makes this a blast is that this run has a dress code - seriously! You start out wearing white - it's a requirement ...
( This is about 1/10th of the runners - I'm not joking!)

Then at each kilometer mark of this 5K you get sprayed with environmentally safe color and in the end...

... you are a rainbow!!
It was so much fun. Everyone was in a party mood and the girls danced and laughed the whole time. Whoever thought of this is brilliant.
It's more fun than getting a new package of Sharpies (and for me, that's saying a lot!)

If you ever get a chance to participate in a Color Run - do it. I don't think you will be disappointed. There were all ages, even strollers. The atmosphere is like no other race I've ever attended. I could become a Color Run groupie! :)

BTW, I want to mention that these girls got up very early to drive over an hour to Piedmont Park in order to arrive at 8 a.m. after walking at Relay for Life the night before until midnight :)
They have done their service hours lately because neither one of these is their philanthropy - they just recently granted a wish through Make-A-Wish!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hey Chick -

for Easter

my little peeps!!

{ Just stuff that was hanging around: 8 x 8 canvas, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge }

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Trash to Treasure..

There was a Hobby Day at church and the organizer asked me to do a little "trash to treasure" project with the ladies who attended. It was so well organized - the ladies rotated to 6 different tables (one of our Seniors called it "speed crafting"!! I wanted to ask if she had been speed dating before?? Haha!) and we had a delicious lunch during our break. There was a quilter, knitter, jewelry maker, stamping and scrapbooking and "trashy" me :) We only had 30 minutes per rotation so it had to be a simple project. I brought along some examples of my trash to treasure projects to provide inspiration.
The "ladies" aged from 6th graders to over 65 years young. I'm used to teaching children but thoroughly enjoyed this table of Youth - of course, I taught them when they were children so it was great to reconnect.

This was our project - a small wooden sign with a bottle cap and paintstick flower. A simple, Spring-y project with two of my favorite recycle/repurpose materials. I chose the word "bloom" and replaced one of the "O's" with my flower.

It was a scaled down version of this inspiration sign* (remember 30 minute time allowance!):

Everyone got creative and made some great looking signs!
* I saw "Scatter Joy" on something on Pinterest and decided to paint it on a Spring-y sign for my newly painted tangerine door!!!  It is not getting rave reviews from the fam but I wanted something fun... I have a traditional home, I live in Atlanta - land of the brick traditional 5/4 and a door and am surrounded by black and red front doors!! Nothing wrong with either one but just not me. But I can't choose just any color because my brick is not my favorite brick ever. But as I tell the kiddos, "You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit!!" I would say that ugly brick would be a deal breaker on my next house hunt but if you know me then you know that if said house was on an island or in close proximity to any salt water of any kind I would move in it if the brick were purple!!! :)

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spread a Little Sunshine...

It has been absolutely beautiful weather in Atlanta for days.... Everything is blooming (sorry if the pollen is driving you crazy but the flowers are all in bloom at the same time and  it's fabulous!!) and it has been in the 80's. My kind of weather.
Only thing better? - this kind of weather at the beach!!!
Before the weather got all sunny in ATL, I got a little Sunshine from Laurie at The Rookie Wife. She awarded my blog this fun little award and I have been MIA from blogging and a bad blog friend as I am just getting around to answering the questions and passing on the sunshine! I'm hoping she'll forgive me and be sure to go visit her blog - she is a beach-loving girl, too!

As a recipient of this delightful award, I have a few rules to follow:
  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog. See above.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself. See below.
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers. See my list below.
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated. So happy to share the love!
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

    I'm supposed to share my favorites in the answers to these questions!!
    1. My favorite color?? I love black and white. It is my go-to for everything.
    2. My favorite animal? My Golden Retrievers,  Biscuit and Chloe. Also, my sister owns a Camel (no, not a typo) named Cleopatra and she is pretty awesome and super sweet.
    3. My favorite number?   3
    4. My favorite non-alcoholic drink? My good friends are now cracking up... Chic Fil A Unsweetened Tea with lemon ( gotta have the lemon)   It's an addiction. I drink it by the gallons!!!
    5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook all the way.
    6. My passion?  My family, scrapbooking our memories, travel, painting and doodling...
    7.  Favorite Pattern?  Polka Dots!! They are so happy!
    8. Favorite day of the Week??? Friday! everyone is always so happy it's Friday. It has such potential. It's the day I most often see College Girl now and when she was in HS it was football night and then post-game get togethers with friends on our porch!
    9. My favorite flower? My favorite white flower is the Magnolia but I am crazy for Blue Hydrangeas and Blue Morning Glories, too (but I am not a "blue" person in other things.)

    Now My favorite Bloggers:
    Jane at Jane Coslick Cottages
    Joan at For The Love of a House
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    and remember to visit Laurie at The Rookie Wife

    Thank you, Laurie, for spreading the Sunshine Award !!

    Thursday, March 1, 2012

    Going, Going, Gone...

    ... Or at least I hope so! These are for a Silent Auction that College Girl is involved in. Hopefully they will help the cause! I have had owls all over the place this week. I wondered what you call a "flock" of owls in a previous post,, and I googled it. Most sources say that a group of owls is called a Parliament but a few also say a Congress. I guess it depends on if they are British or American owls!! (I'm assuming that it is because we think that people serving in Congress or Parliament are wise??)
    Well, anyway, around here Parliament (or Congress) has been in session!
    I also created two canvases for the Silent Auction. More owls. These are decoupaged using Mod Podge and scrapbook paper.
    "Be whoooo you are"


    "I love the night life"

    Do you like Silent Auctions?? We had one at church last week. We raised a nice amount of money for missions but some of the adults took things pretty seriously :) It was a hoot - just sayin'!!

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