Monday, February 24, 2020

Monday Blues!

This kind of Monday Blues is a happy thing! 
My love of blue and white Chinoiserie is well documented here on the blog
 and on my Instgram account so the Monday Blues are to be expected!

Here are a couple of favorite blue and white moments.

I love how designer Shaun Smith kept the vintage blue and white tile and made this bathroom look so fresh and updated at the same time. And timeless as well. It's impressive when someone with his training and access to everything reno and decor chooses to work with existing elements. It's something we can all relate to and use as inspiration.
And that's the kind of ginger jar I really like. Big!

And I have Spring fever (who doesn't?) so I want all the big blue and white planters
 filled with realllllly big plants!
This large planter in the home of Patrick Wade and David deMattei is really beautiful.

So besides the obvious blue and white theme
 there is also the sub-theme of wanting the blue and white pieces to be BIG!

Happy Monday.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Round (Coffee) Table

My new-to-me, very, very old coffee table is round!
I've never had a round coffee table before.

The round part of this new coffee table situation is
 a very old copper tray from Natchez, Mississippi.
My parents inherited it decades ago and now it has come to live at my house. 

 I have always loved this copper tray 
but I never gave the fact that it was circular much thought design-wise! 

My great aunt and uncle had a lower base designed for the tray as was the style when they used it in their 50's and 60's home. 
My mom had it on a very traditional base that was a bit taller but...

I prefer my coffee tables to be a bit taller than is the norm. 
I don't know why - it just works for us.

So I have put the gorgeous copper tray on a faux bamboo end table base
 that I had hanging around. 
The original color of the base was not good at all so I have quickly hit it 
with a bit of off-white spray paint.

 We figured we'd start there and see what we all think.

I've been trying a variety of layouts on top of the tray.
 A combination of things that need to be there to help us function in this room
 and pretty items to flatter the gorgeous copper color.

It's been fun playing around with the circular shape. 

Have you ever had a round coffee table?
Would you consider using a round coffee table in your space? 

I'm liking it!

In case you are curious.
There are a few unique things on the tray right now -
The bamboo boxes hold TV remotes and charging cords. 
The basket on the left is a Charleston Sweetgrass basket and there's a cluster of Low Country oyster shells in it.
The long skinny item with holes in it is a very old Cribbage Board that was my great uncles' and then my dads'.
Coffee table books rotate often - right now it's Mark D. Sikes Beautiful which is divine and Jenny Rose Innes book about Australian design which is fantastic. 
We use the blue and white chinoiserie saucers as coasters.
And the glossy green plant is a gardenia and is about to burst into bloom and smell amazing!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020


I can remember being intrigued with the term 'middle age' when I was very young. 
If someone said they were middle aged
 then I thought they were literally at the half-way mark of their life!!
 If you were 35, and said you were middle aged, then 70 was going to be it!! 
Luckily it does not work that way!!

That being said, I'm now in the older half more than the younger
 and I recently listened to a fun, new to me podcast - Midlife Matters!

I happened to start with an interview with one of my favorite bloggers, Emily A Clark, whom I've followed for years! I'm sure many of you can say the the same thing. 

She spoke about design - not about being middle aged, BTW! 
And she's definitely younger that I am!
 But so many podcasts and bloggers who are big time right now have little children and are young and it's getting harder for me to relate to their ideas and areas of influence. 
We are just in different places in our lives.

There were so many great ideas that the podcasters (is that a word?) 
and Emily chatted about. 
And it made me feel good about some design choices I have made along the way because I have reached the point in life where I am doing me and I'm not going to be changing things up or following trends. If something I have is trendy it just means it finally came back around as a trend! Cause it's been here all along!

That's really what Emily shared. 
But here are my "take aways" anyway!

Emily talked about using furniture in rooms or ways 
that may not be the original intent. 
I'm so on board. 
I have a china cabinet in my master bathroom for one thing. I put it in there during my Fall 2016 One Room Challenge. I bought the traditional china cabinet for that room. 
It was never intended for a dining room. 

There isn't a closet in this master bathroom so this china cabinet stores a multitude of necessary items and looks gorgeous at the same time!

I've also recently inherited some family furniture and I'm going to need to get creative to be able to use find ways to use it in our home.

Emily stated that she thinks we will be seeing more monochromatic rooms in 2020 as far as painting goes. Rooms where the windows, trim, doors, walls - everything - are painted the same color!! 
I did this in my Library when I refreshed it in the Spring of 2016! I still love it. The walls were actually already black. I had painted my dining room black over 10 years prior to that but left the trim white. Then I took out the dining table and added black bookcases. Then I painted everything glossy black from top to bottom except the ceiling.
 (And honestly I'm toying with a color for the ceiling one of these days!!)

 PS. The wood faux bamboo china cabinet was purchased for the Library and waaaay after this room had been a dining room :)

There was also a quick mention about "white kitchens" and if they are "out" and I've got more on that coming on another day!!

All the ladies on the podcast chatted about their homes and open concept vs. traditional room layouts - you know, walls, doors, lower ceilings. 
Emily mentioned that the traditional dimensions of the rooms in her house attracted her. That she can stand on a ladder and reach the ceiling, trim work, etc. to paint things herself. Or hang pictures or whatever. 

I've always wanted  to live in a loft or non-traditional building as a house. But now that I'm "mid" and not as young and bend-y I like the ability to reach things from a stepladder and I'm more concerned with heating spaces and such. I've had a very traditional "5, 4 and a door"  home for many years and I had to make it work. 
We are thankful for it, we love it,  and we couldn't move to follow housing trends.

I'm looking forward to listening to more of the Midlife Matters podcasts 
and their very relatable subject matter. 
 Are you a Podcast person?