Saturday, May 30, 2020

My 9th-ish ORC and WASH Your Hands

Week 4 
In many ways time has flown by during this Pandemic. Days can seem long but the weeks seem to fly. I know that makes zero sense but I can't figure out any other way to explain it!

In past ORC's I would be rushing around at this point looking for all kinds of things. 
This ORC I'm happy to have the walls, cabinet and mirror painted at this point!
Small victories. 

The initial plan of solid white walls gave way to a subtle stripe. Yes, stripes again. 
I've had a couple of color variations of stripes over the last 10 years in there and I was just going to go with plain white to change things up and to enjoy crisp white walls. Also, I had white paint and love white walls. After many hours of working on the walls and sanding and cleaning up sheetrock dust and doing it over again. I caved. The stripe will camouflage the issues that I can not resolve. Having a sheetrock person in to redo the whole room is not an option.
I had some blue paint on hand that I diluted with my white paint so I could solve the issue without going to a store.

I used my leftover Naval by Sherwin Williams. I used it in my Kitchen ORC that I didn't finish in time last go round and now need to photograph and post. Then Mollie used it in her bathroom and now I'm using it to mix a stripe color! Such a great navy!

Cooper seems to have an opinion on the stripe color :)
And if you think this bathroom is large enough for me, Cooper and all the paint stuff then let me assure you it's not!

Finally moving on from paint and sheetrock repair. 
And we all like the stripes!

I also wanted an outlet on the wall opposite the vanity. This is the wall that the bamboo shelf is on. I have always had a lamp on the vanity in this bathroom. The previous built in vanity was big and had a large countertop. It took up a lot of space but having a lamp in there was nice. 
I basically love lamps and have them in every room - including the kitchen and all the bathrooms! Now with the new, smaller footprint vanity I may need to put the lamp on the opposite side of the bathroom and there wasn't an outlet.
We completed the electrical work easily as there was an outlet on the other side of the bathroom wall and was inside our pantry cabinets and wasn't accessible. We just flipped it around to the powder room. All we had to do was cut a small hole and do a minimal amount of wiring. 
That's a win!

Solving the flooring issue is on this weekends agenda and then the powder room is ready 
for fun things to start happening.

Next weeks' update should be more exciting!

Stay well and check out everyone else's progress here.
One Room Challenge™

Thursday, May 21, 2020

My 9th-ish ORC and WASH Your Hands

Week 3 doesn't look much different from Week 2 where I showed you the wall damage from demoing the vanity.
I have been sanding walls and then cleaning up sheetrock dust. 
And then sanding walls and cleaning up sheetrock dust. 

The cabinet base is painted. I'm starting to paint the mirror. 
And the walls are getting their first coat of white paint. 

And even though I don't have a lot of firm decisions made, (partly due to the current shelter in place situation) and some decisions may change based on item availability and such, I absolutely love the cabinet paint color. It's Anjou Pear by Sherwin Williams and it's so rich. Perfect - not too bright or yellow-y and not too brown and mustard-y! Does that make sense?? :)

So sheetrock dust and watching paint dry. #week3

And while working on something else I did come across a few "before" pictures 
of this Powder Room after all. 

The wall opposite the vanity had a gallery wall full of art purchased on my travels. 
I'm relocating most of those so I'm beginning to think about what I want to hang in this space now. That's a lot more fun than sucking up sheetrock dust and watching paint dry!

And the other wall had this large Audubon Flamingo on it. It inspired the pinky-coral cabinetry. I think it might move someplace else but it or another Audubon might show up in here yet. Still looking at what I have and might move around the house. 
Can't get more #shoplocal than #shopthehouse! :)

I'm planning for the bamboo shelf to stay in here 
but I need to do a better job of utilizing it and styling it. 

Next week should be about more interesting things than sheetrock dust!!
All of the priming and painting should be behind me.

Please check out everyone else's progress here!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

My 9th-ish ORC and WASH Your Hands!

 Week 2, I guess. 

Time runs together in some ways during all of this shelter in place, social distance, slow reopening of life period in time. 
We are really doing okay and keeping busy. 
I hope you and yours are well and you are spending this time in whatever way makes you the most at peace. 

So, what's up in the ORC project?
The bathroom cabinet was a very sturdy, built into the corner of the powder room, nondescript late 80's thing. The formica countertop had a 5 inch or so back splash that was glued to the sheetrock wall and, wow, was it glued. The wall damage was more than expected so this week has been about mud and sanding dust. 

Thursday, May 7, 2020

My 9th-ish ORC and WASH Your Hands!

To make a long (One Room Challenge) story short this is my 9th-ish ORC.
Working back from last Fall...

Fall 2019 - My Kitchen (2nd attempt) PS. I did finish my kitchen I've just never photographed and blogged it! Maybe soon!
Spring 2019 - My Kitchen (Another Incomplete, yet I keep trying!)
Fall 2018 - My Porch 
Spring 2018 - I took an Incomplete :(
Fall 2017 - My Entryway
Spring 2017 - My Guest Bedroom
Fall 2016 - My Master Bathroom
Spring 2016 - My Library  which has been my most viewed and commented on ORC 
and it got a little refresh here.
Fall 2015 - Mollie's Bathroom   
Spring 2015 - My Guest Bedroom  which was my very first ORC and a learning curve for sure!
That's why I gave it a second go in the Spring 2017 ORC.

Since I have a bit of a hit or miss record with this thing it seems only fitting that I attempt another One Room Challenge during a Pandemic!
And since the most important thing we can do in the midst of Covid19 is to wash our hands it is either very fitting and timely or completely nuts to refresh our downstairs Powder Room where we wash our hands a gazillion times a day.

We are still sheltering in place so items that I use must either be what I have on hand or available for curbside pick up or delivery from online ordering. 
(This has been a difficult situation for so many in so many ways and I am aware that participating in a non-essential decorating challenge could seem insensitive. However, we all cope differently and "busy" and/or being creative is my coping mechanism. You can read about our particular Pandemic situation here and here.)
I'm all for using #morecreativitythancash and shopping the house too!

 Our bathroom vanity top is just not in the best shape and has needed replacing for ages. I've painted and decorated around it but it is past it's prime. I priced a new top and basin but it was far more economical to get a cabinet/basin combo from a big box store and it gives me the opportunity to get something less bulky and fit it in the space a little better. 
I shopped online and purchased the simplest, most clean lined vanity I could find. 
It's pretty basic and budget friendly but I knew I was painting it, changing the hardware and pairing it with a fabulous faux bamboo mirror already in the powder room. 

That was the utilitarian part of this project. Check.
The rest is the fun stuff.

I have had in my mind for a long time that when I redid this powder room I was going to use a mustard-y yellow color as my inspiration starting point. 
My plan all along was to paint the vanity and mirror a soft mustard. 
But I needed a fabric for the window treatment that would work with this color idea. 

My favorite part of redoing a room is wandering the fabric store aisles 
and falling for a fabric! 
Again, no open fabric stores so I had to go about this differently. 
So I started online. 
I looked and looked and googled 
and then I remembered a bolt of fabric I bought at a thrift store last year. 

I had thought I might use it for some pillows on the porch but it wasn't quite right after all. 
So I dug it out and it has a great colorway!
And the mustard-y background matches my favorite mustard-y, goldish Sherwin Williams color, Anjou Pear!! ( I used it in one of Mollie's college apartments!)
Yesss!! Hoarding Thrifting for the win!

A quick call to Sherwin Williams to order a gallon of paint for curbside pick up. 

I have the white paint for the walls because I'm basically never without white paint! 
I'm going to scrounge around but I'm pretty sure I have the paint for a fun painted floor project. 

The rest will just fall into place as I look around the house and decide about art and accessories.

I didn't really have any inspo pictures going in to this - just the color in my head but I found this on Pinterest and it pretty much sums up what I've been thinking (plus some blue and white chinoiserie, of course!)

Thank you for following along, be safe and stay well and...
WASH your hands!

Looking for some distraction?
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