Monday, January 28, 2019

Monday Blues


I'm not an antler kind of girl but I'm all about everything else - brick painted white, giant clamshell, gorgeous flowers and, of course, the blue and white porcelain on every surface!!
Plus the top, gold brackets holding the blue and white pieces look like an easy DIY using craft store plaques, shelf bracket and gold spraypaint!
This will cure the Monday Blues!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Bamboo Friday


This is the porch of an airbnb in Australia. 
It's a cute little cottage and everything in it is for sale!!
Love the bamboo table or hammock? 
Take it with you when you check out!!
How fun is that? 

I would LOVE to run an airbnb like that!!

When I was growing up outside of DC there was a huge historic barn
 that had been turned into
 a rustic chic (before that was a thing) Dinner Theatre 
and all of the dishes, glasses, silverware were for sale. 
All vintage-y and a posh mish mash. It was so much fun. 
Like the soup spoon? 
They would wash it up for you to take home and add it to the bill!
So fabulous!!
Whatever happened to dinner theatres anyway?

Monday, January 21, 2019

Monday Blues.


I think a good dose of sunshiny, lemon yellow can cure the Monday Blues.

This breezeway from Mary MacDonald has everything going for it. 
If you were ever going to wish you were a potted plant then this would be it.

Gorgeous potted citrus on a slightly more manageable scale from One Kings Lane.

Want to make this happen at your house?

This porcelain planter is under $100.00 right now on Wayfair.

I bought a lemon tree at Home Depot last Summer for under $20.00
It's wintering over in the master bathroom - sunniest window and humidity.
 A lemon tree's dream home ;)
We are about to harvest our second lemon. PS. This is not an economical way to get lemons. Just pretty.

If you don't want to wait until citrus trees are being sold this Summer here are two options:

If you don't think you can keep a real one alive 
this is a pretty good looking "faux" lemon tree.

And for $27.99 plus free Prime shipping I would be willing to give it a chance.

And you can order a live lemon tree as well.
I found live citrus trees on Etsy!

This little tree is $34.99

Cure the Monday Blues with a lemon tree of your own.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Bamboo Friday on the Porch

 I could definitely see myself "hanging around" on this porch. 
Every bit of this bamboo is fabulous
 but you have to admit that a hanging chair always wins
 for best seat in the place!

There's been a lot of articles about trends for 2019 (which really isn't on my radar) and I haven't read anything about this but I'm seeing yellow in a lot of recent images!
This is okay with me because I jumped on the yellow bandwagon with my porch revamp during the last One Room Challenge. Check it out here!

60 Days Until SPRING!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Coral - I Love It!

I expressed my excitement on Instagram
when I heard that the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019
Living Coral!

It was right before the holidays 
and I just hadn't had a chance to 
gush any more about my love for this color!
But now it's gray, dreary January in Atlanta so we need to talk about color!!

I did recently paint my Foo Dog thrifting find a delicious coral color. 
There were some doubters out there but it's only paint
 and I personally think he looks pretty fab.


My fabulous china cabinet turned bathroom storage extraordinaire 
was painted coral for my Fall 2016 One Room Challenge 
(a little ahead of Pantone's announcement)
I can't imagine painting it any other color! I love it so much.

I love blue and white chinoiserie in a big way 
but I fell in love with a coral-y orange lamp while working on this bathroom
 and now I can't pass this color chinoiserie up!

And this china pattern is gorgeous.

No surprise - it's by Mottahedeh who brings us the much loved Tobacco Leaf among other patterns. This coral design would be beautiful mixed in with almost any other pattern.

And look at this coral lampshade on this fun monkey lamp! 
Just that one spot of coral in this colorful room adds so much.

Summer Thornton went allll the way with gorgeous deep coral walls.

I have a Pinterest Board called Color It Coral.
 I'm sure I'll find a lot to "pin" this year!

Here is a favorite image already on the board:
I could happily live in this coral house with it's fabulous potted topiaries! 
What about you?


And since Pantone's color is called "Living Coral" I can't pass up sharing this picture
 I took a couple of years ago while I was on site in SC for post- hurricane debris clean up. There was devastation all around and we worked incredibly hard all day long 
but this sunset was our reward!

So will you be using more coral in your home this year!
I will. I always do and I feel like this Pantone choice is license to go coral crazy!!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

New Year. New Plants.

Once I take down all of my Christmas decorations, toss the poinsettias that are dropping leaves at an alarming rate and sweep up all the prickly evergreen needles, 
I have an uncontrollable urge to buy green plants and flowers
 for inside our house. 

(obsessed with the glaze app!)

It is a real thing. 
Happens every year.

This bunch of lilies from Trader Joe's already smells heavenly
 and they aren't even opened yet.
Being able to buy wine, flowers and organic produce in one place is beyond amazing to me!
I love TJ's.

My paperwhites that I planted (late) in December are just now blooming in the kitchen.
They smell amazing, too!

On Monday, I bought a fiddle leaf fig (my first one ever) from Wal Mart for just $17.00
We will see how it goes. 
I've never been willing to risk the cost of one - but under $20?
 I'm feeling daring.

We are calling her FiFi for short and she still needs a home (besides the kitchen table) 
and a pretty planter but she's gorgeous with big glossy leaves.
 Fingers crossed my thumb is green enough to keep FiFi happy!

 Remember this gal?
This is her everyday/non-holiday look.

And then, I sooo did not want to take this tree and it's cute ornaments down 
but I found a gorgeous, huge, brass planter while thrifting on Monday 
and it was just the motivation I needed. 
I could just see it on the front entry table with a lush green plant in it. 

I think that once the Christmas holidays are over I'm just ready for green and Spring.
 Fresh flowers and plants help me get through the gray days of January!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Bamboo Friday!!

It's the first Bamboo Friday in 2019!!

Look at that bench!!
That is one fabulous Brighton Pavilion Style Bamboo bench.

Image from Domino

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!!

Wishing you and yours all the blessings and hope
 that comes with the start of something new!
Here's to 2019!

Love, Cooper
(and the humans here too!)