Friday, September 29, 2017

Bamboo Friday #9

Wow - Bamboo Friday #9.
This week it is all about the amazing bamboo pieces that Lindsey Coral Harper used in the Southern Living Idea House on Bald Head Island, NC.

I understand that some of the pieces are from her private collection.


Cannot get over this chair!!
I've never seen anything like it!


And another fab chair. 
(We have a very similar desk right now at @elizabethandpayne )


Check out more great bamboo pieces on LCH's blog.
*Loving that orange lamp, too!

Have a great weekend!
Maybe you will find some great vintage bamboo at a thrift store or yard sale!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Bamboo Friday #8

One of my all time favorite rooms - by Gen and Ben Sohr of Paper and Pencil Blog - and it has an amazing octagon bamboo coffee table.
We talked about my big bamboo coffee table last week but this one is in a league of its own with that shape and fretwork.

What's not to love?

Gen loves to play with patterns and layers, drawing from her collection of vintage fabrics to add more graphic power. “For a client, we’ll put a whole board together, but decorating for myself, I’m very organic, always tweaking, always moving around pillows.”

I saw one years ago in a thrift store and left it behind.
What WAS I thinking??
Thinking about that has me feeling a little blue.
Image result for octagonal bamboo coffee table

Happy Friday!
If thrifting is on your weekend agenda I hope you find some fabulous vintage bamboo!!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Bamboo Friday #7

Are y'all bored??
I could go on about bamboo - vintage, faux, painted, thrifted, etc. forever.
I just love it. 
I remember it from beach homes of my childhood.
I used to look around the rooms and think how I would decorate if it were my beach house and what color I would paint the faux bamboo headboards in the bedrooms.
See - this is not a new addiction/affliction.

Anyway, the star this week is my "new" coffee table. 
You may have seen it on my Instagram.

Big, almost square vintage-y goodness. 
Plus drawers for storage. 

There's been a little wear here and there,
 but that happens here anyway so we like things with a little "patina" to start with.

She replaced a perfectly good British Colonial Bamboo coffee table that I really liked.
But this one just works better - for propped feet and in a house with 2 big dogs. 

And I like room to spread out my finds on top of my coffee tables.

The last of the hydrangeas - papery and green.
Oyster shells because I am a Lowcountry girl and I love oyster shells. 
Oyster anything, actually.
Blue and white.
A brass crab. 

And it will probably look different next week. 
Big, old bamboo coffee tables are good for that!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Never Give Up!

I would like to preface this post by saying that it was written well before all of the hurricanes and fires and so many people lost so much. It's difficult to post things like this when so many are leaving Atlanta and returning to devastation in Florida. (I cannot imagine the feeling - we are anxious just waiting to hear about our little condo timeshare where we go each year for a week of relaxation and fun in The Keys.) But if I were in their shoes I would not begrudge anyone their warm and safe home and, truth be told, I would be reading blogs and looking at curb appeal ideas on Pinterest as a motivator.

Never, Ever Give Up!

After saying for years and years that my husband would never agree
 to painting our brick white...
Guess what?
He said YES!!!!!!

I have not loved my brick for decades.
I am thankful to have a home and don't take it for granted
 but I just didn't love the brick.

I love white houses.
Plain and simple.

So until I have an "after" to show 
let's just bask in the happy glow of knowing that white paint is coming my brick's way!!

That beauty is in Atlanta. We do love our white painted brick in the South.


Navy Blue Front Door on the White Painted Brick Home of Gwyneth Paltrow
(Gwyneth Paltrow's perfect painted brick home)

To liven up the home’s exterior, the brick was painted white and accented with charming pale blue shutters.

Atlanta again. See what I mean?

Formal lawn surrounding thatched country house with shutters

My soon-to-be white painted brick home is slightly more modest than Bunny Mellon's Upper Eastside townhouse.
The courtyard of Bunny Mellon's Upper East Side townhouse (now for sale).

The other thrilling aspect of this white painted brick excitement is that picking a front door color becomes limitless!!! 
I know!! So exciting.

Image result for front door colors

I'm on it!!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Bamboo Friday #6 (Updated)

A little late in the day but I didn't want to miss Bamboo Friday!
Mollie and I are headed to see "Home Again" this weekend. 
We are fans of Nancy Meyers films (and therefore her daughter's debut via this movie) and Reese Witherspoon as well. 
So win, win.
Added bonus is the sets in this movie.
We have seen and heard the hype everywhere and are pumped.

What does this have to do with Bamboo Fridays??
Welllll, according to a recent OKL article , the sets are all things we love.

Create a Polished Bohemia Inspired by the Set of “Home Again”

They are calling the look "polished Bohemia" and whatever you call it - it's blue and white chinoiserie, rattan and, you guessed it, bamboo furniture, ethnic fabrics, white walls. 
Or, in my opinion, perfection!

Nicole wrapped a daybed with raffia and anchored it with a Moroccan rug. The pink upholstery is a fashion-inspired hue, which works perfectly with the Saltillo tile floors.

And I quote, "A bold stripe pops into your peripheral view; a raffia-wrapped daybed becomes just the thing your own living room needs; collections of blue-and-white chinoiserie remind you of the power of a classic finishing touch. Simply put, you can’t see this movie without wanting a little piece of it for yourself. " 

One King"s Lane even has a shopping guide to help one "get the look."
What I love about this look and these sets is that we have many of these items in our home and our booth and the look is easily attained with vintage finds!!

First up, and we were dying to have these chairs BEFORE the movie and the OKL rec, so imagine how much we're all going to want them now!

Rattan Brighton Chairs, Pair
Brighton Pavilion Bamboo chairs

 More bamboo chairs:
Alexa Rattan Lounge Chair, Natural

?? lbl.alttext.altThumbnailImage ??


bamboo coffee tables and shelves 
Glass &  Rattan Coffee Table

Vintage Rattan Standing Shelf

I just cannot wait to see this movie and these fabulous rooms on a big screen!!
But, you better grab yourself some rattan and bamboo furniture and blue and white chinoiserie right now because it's going to be bigger than ever. 
And for those of us who have long loved these vintage style pieces we can just feel smug knowing we were ahead of the curve!!

 A touch of midcentury, courtesy of the marble-top Tulip table and rattan chairs, brings a sophisticated sense of boho style into the mix.

All images above from One King's Lane.
You can see more bamboo goodness on their shopping guide.


Mollie and I went to see the movie Sunday night.

Let me preface this with two things: 
1. A couple of people had responded to this blog post and on IG  saying that the stills of the set we had already seen were all you saw of the house and that was disappointing and the movie was just okay. Didn't change anything for me - we were excited to go.
2. I go to movies to be entertained and distracted from real life for a bit. I'm not critical. I don't care about awards. I'm looking for entertainment value when I splurge and go and I like to laugh a little, maybe cry a little and a gorgeous house and scenery are a bonus. Going to the movies is something Mollie and I share as a fun Mother - Daughter thing so I'm already excited about going to a movie.

We loved it. 
We laughed out loud. 
There were serious and touching moments. I don't know if scenarios like this "really happen" but I don't care. I'm not looking for a documentary. I'm looking for delightful and it was. And movies are so built up in advance that sometimes I think that works against them. Not this movie. It's sweet and funny and the characters are people you would like to know.
I want to marry the house. It's gorgeous and the outdoor scenes are fabulous.
And we went to see it at 8:45 on a Sunday night the weekend that the entire state of Florida had evacuated to Atlanta and half the cars in the theatre parking lot had FL tags. And everyone in our theatre was laughing and talking afterwards about how much they adored the movie and the characters and the sets.
So kudos to Nancy Meyers and her daughter Holly for producing a movie that enchanted and distracted an audience from above average every day worries.
Well done.
Mollie and I are considering going to see it again - we can't wait for the DVD!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September? Really?

I cannot believe it is September.
I am not about to post about Pumpkin Spice anything so you can relax.
It is still very, very warm in the Deep South

But I like September in the South.
A lot.
It's still warm enough to keep me happy but the humidity slacks off a bit
 and everyone in the entire Southeast has better hair days!

Related image
Steel Magnolias. There are some really good hair quotes in this movie :)

It is also the month of our birthdays!
All of us. Three in one month. 
(Which means we have to buy our car tags in Georgia. On your birthday. Really?)

It is the title of a fabulous Fall read by British author Rosamunde Pilcher. 
My mom got me hooked on her books and we like to reread September every couple of years.

New cover. I've had mine for years and it doesn't look like that.

September means Mums!!
I absolutely love mums!! 
I could buy zillions and put them everywhere. 
We can't start buying pumpkins this early
 (they won't survive the heat or critters) but mums are a go!!

I love the pink-y coral ones!
Image result for decorating with mums

And I love, love the purple ones, too!!
Image result for decorating with mums
Eddie Ross 

And what about the bright yellow ones in these incredible champagne buckets?
 Seriously tho - dead plants would look good in those urns!!
Fall Decorating with Mums

But white flowers are my absolute favorite
(white is my favorite color for anything and everything actually!)

I like everything in this picture and again with the silver champagne bucket.

And our ferns are still going strong around here
 so I like this combo with white mums and asparagus ferns.
Image result for decorating with white mums

Here's a big purple mum on our porch.
I ask Mollie for big mums for my birthday every year!

September means football!! Big deal in the South.
Friday nights are for High School football
(look at that sky last week!)
and Saturday is for college ball. 
We are a house divided and Mollie has friends playing at schools all over the South 
so sometimes we just cheer for the player!!
Years ago we had to cheer for a GT Yellow Jacket (I went to UGA), he graduated and went pro but now we are back to cheering for GT again. Go Josh!
It makes Saturday games a lot of fun!

September is the best kind of month!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Bamboo Friday #5

Bamboo Fridays started because of my popular hashtag 
and Pinterest Boards of the same name.

But bamboo may truly be at its best at The Raffles Hotel in Singapore.
There isn't anything I don't love about the British Colonial decor in this iconic hotel. 
Maybe someday.
Just one night.

Raffles  like the break between the two rooms

And black and white checked floors plus giant potted palms.

Happy Friday - hopefully there's a tropical destination with bamboo chairs in your future!