Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September? Really?

I cannot believe it is September.
I am not about to post about Pumpkin Spice anything so you can relax.
It is still very, very warm in the Deep South

But I like September in the South.
A lot.
It's still warm enough to keep me happy but the humidity slacks off a bit
 and everyone in the entire Southeast has better hair days!

Related image
Steel Magnolias. There are some really good hair quotes in this movie :)

It is also the month of our birthdays!
All of us. Three in one month. 
(Which means we have to buy our car tags in Georgia. On your birthday. Really?)

It is the title of a fabulous Fall read by British author Rosamunde Pilcher. 
My mom got me hooked on her books and we like to reread September every couple of years.

New cover. I've had mine for years and it doesn't look like that.

September means Mums!!
I absolutely love mums!! 
I could buy zillions and put them everywhere. 
We can't start buying pumpkins this early
 (they won't survive the heat or critters) but mums are a go!!

I love the pink-y coral ones!
Image result for decorating with mums

And I love, love the purple ones, too!!
Image result for decorating with mums
Eddie Ross 

And what about the bright yellow ones in these incredible champagne buckets?
 Seriously tho - dead plants would look good in those urns!!
Fall Decorating with Mums

But white flowers are my absolute favorite
(white is my favorite color for anything and everything actually!)

I like everything in this picture and again with the silver champagne bucket.

And our ferns are still going strong around here
 so I like this combo with white mums and asparagus ferns.
Image result for decorating with white mums

Here's a big purple mum on our porch.
I ask Mollie for big mums for my birthday every year!

September means football!! Big deal in the South.
Friday nights are for High School football
(look at that sky last week!)
and Saturday is for college ball. 
We are a house divided and Mollie has friends playing at schools all over the South 
so sometimes we just cheer for the player!!
Years ago we had to cheer for a GT Yellow Jacket (I went to UGA), he graduated and went pro but now we are back to cheering for GT again. Go Josh!
It makes Saturday games a lot of fun!

September is the best kind of month!


  1. I love September! Could be because it's my birthday, anniversary and the changes that are coming. Love that porch swing too!

    1. Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your September!