Friday, September 15, 2017

Bamboo Friday #7

Are y'all bored??
I could go on about bamboo - vintage, faux, painted, thrifted, etc. forever.
I just love it. 
I remember it from beach homes of my childhood.
I used to look around the rooms and think how I would decorate if it were my beach house and what color I would paint the faux bamboo headboards in the bedrooms.
See - this is not a new addiction/affliction.

Anyway, the star this week is my "new" coffee table. 
You may have seen it on my Instagram.

Big, almost square vintage-y goodness. 
Plus drawers for storage. 

There's been a little wear here and there,
 but that happens here anyway so we like things with a little "patina" to start with.

She replaced a perfectly good British Colonial Bamboo coffee table that I really liked.
But this one just works better - for propped feet and in a house with 2 big dogs. 

And I like room to spread out my finds on top of my coffee tables.

The last of the hydrangeas - papery and green.
Oyster shells because I am a Lowcountry girl and I love oyster shells. 
Oyster anything, actually.
Blue and white.
A brass crab. 

And it will probably look different next week. 
Big, old bamboo coffee tables are good for that!


  1. Marcie, I love your new coffee table and I love your styling! You have so many interesting things on display. I need to go shopping with you!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth!! If you are ever in Atlanta... we'll meet up and do lunch with a side of shopping!!

  2. I love everything bamboo and your new coffee table is amazing! It is the perfect piece for your living room. Happy weekend, Marcie!

  3. Great job styling your bamboo table I love it!

    1. Thank you Leslie. It's so big that it makes it easy and really fun to style it!