Friday, March 25, 2016

My Lucky Day!

I was unexpectedly downtown (Atlanta) this week 
because Mollie had a little dental emergency 
(not the lucky part of this story) 
and I decided to swing by the Salavation Army store
 on my way back to the 'burbs. 
Image result for salvation army logo
 Did you know the Salvation Army store has sales?
Well, I did not. 
I'm often late to the party, so to speak. 
The parking lot was packed. 
People were double parked. I couldn't get in, then I pulled into a small open space and a guy yelled that I couldn't park there because the big trucks were coming and I had to pull out on a road I didn't know and circle around. 
I almost left but for some reason I did circle back and park on the street and walk back to the store. I figured that all the people already in the know about the sale and jamming the parking lot had gotten all the "good stuff" but right there in the window was a dream piece. 
On sale. 
Discounted from the already awesome Salvation Army great price! 
( Like less than $40.00)
I was giddy!

The size of my car is no deterrent.
 I act like I still drive a Suburban :)

I drove straight home, booted the previous coffee table right out the room 
and brought this beauty in.

( Chloe was giddy, too! Haha!) 
 Yes, we are those people who have dogs on the furniture. 
I did not say "let" because we didn't let her. 
She just decided that spot was hers 
and she's been right there ever since. Mollie calls her "Princess"!

It's everything I love in a coffee table. 
Big. Bamboo. And caning!!

I know that it would look so much better sitting on a beautiful rug.
But Chloe eats rugs. 
Sisal, bamboo, jute, wool, hand hooked. She loves all flavors of rugs. 
So hardwoods it is.

I had to pull out some accessories I had stashed and start styling it up!
I haven't finished tweaking it but we all love it! 


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