Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Home, Sweet Sorority House

There has been a lot of moving goin' on! 
 As I mentioned before College Girl is moving, down sizing and reusing what she has as much as possible. Just because we are reusing and repurposing doesn't mean it can't be cute!!
This move ( #4 in her college career) is to the Chi O house and it is more like being in a dorm room than not. It is a shared space and she and her "rooms" decide to go with the trendy turquoise and coral as their color scheme and a great starting point.

Look how stinking cute this is!!
(As my friend said, " Whatever happened to milk crates and cinder block bookshelves??"     Haha!

Sorry for the blurry iphone images but we have been busy, busy. We found the bedspreads at Home Goods for an amazing price. I had a friend of mine monogram the shams as a surprise for the girls. I recovered those handy dandy stools and the canvas storage totes in her bookcase. The bed skirt hides a huge amount of stored clothes and shoes under the raised bed. I used some more of that $2.00 and something a yard of fabric from the stools to trim the bedskirt which was made from 2 sheets from Wal Mart. I found turquoise ribbon to use as an accent on the bedskirt and the ready made curtains. She hung a wonderful gallery wall above the bed. We used the Cricut to monogram some coral buckets and organizers from Target. We are all about the monogram in this room.
 Leaning at the end of the bed is the piece de resistance - a 24 x 24 inch wooden monogram cut from a thin, smooth plywood material. It is fabulous. We ordered it from this company on Etsy. I was going to paint her monogram on a canvas but when I saw this I decided to save myself some time and really add a statement piece to the room. It will  make the room when we hang it over the head of the bed.
College girl made some cute signs and Chi O letters in her colors and they decorate other walls in the room. It is turning out to be an adorable room. We duplicated the bedskirt, stool and pillows for her "rooms" so they have a very coordinated look. The roommate moves in this week and they can put the finishing touches on before Rush and classes begin.
I'm working on two desk chairs and my " dorm decor" tasks will be complete.

BTW, this is my disclaimer. I do not sew. If you had to take a test and get a license to be able to sew I would never be allowed to zig zag or backstitch. And use the zipper foot - forget about it!! This was absolutely basic, elementary straight line sewing and bedskirt construction. College Girl is forbidden to let anyone who actually sews look at it from closer than 20 feet :) So if I can do it, anyone can do it - seriously!!
But the room looks great and they are looking forward to a great year!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back in the Name Game!

Some one is turning 1 !!!

College Girl drove in to town  late Saturday night after a friends 21st birthday dinner so she could go to church Sunday morning with me and then off to our little cousins 1st birthday party!!
One of our gifts was a name sign for sweet Kaitlyn's new room. They just moved back to Atlanta and her room is going to be painted mint green. The name sign is painted to match her PB Daisy Garden bedding.
It's been a while since I painted a name sign for a baby gift and now this month I've painted two.  I guess that after a long spell of 16th and 18th birthday parties and HS and college graduations I am starting to "cycle" back around to baby showers and 1st birthdays!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just wondering, that's all...

I'm just curious about something...

Hobby Lobby has a ton of Christmas "stuff" out already and the aisles are full of boxes of more goodies to be shelved.

 There is only a little Halloween "stuff" out so far. That comes first :)

I have done "Christmas in July" children's art camps twice in the last few years and they were popular with moms and children alike.

My family thinks it is weird but... I will watch a Christmas movie in July when I start my crafting for Christmas. Will you? Are you starting Christmas crafts??

Are you strict about when you first listen to Christmas music or start watching Christmas movies or do you watch "It's A Wonderful Life" any time you need to feel the love??

Well, there must be a lot of people getting in to the Christmas Spirit right now. How do I know this?? I am not a savvy blogger and I haven't made any money from ads on my blog and I forget to do linky parties when I am busy but I do know how to check stats and this post has been viewed 1,986 times in the last month and 400 and some of those viewings occurred on one day last week.
I have no idea why - but he better "run, run as fast as he can"
cause he's like a rock star right now!!!
"No autographs, please!"

And yes, I am gearing up to start Christmas crafts as soon as I am finished with "dorm decor" because I was a crazy person in February and signed up for a "what-was-I-thinking?- it-sounded-like-a-good-idea- at-the-time" craft show at church in October. First craft show in more than 10 years!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

One Cool Stool

It's "dorm decor" time in all the stores and it's time for another move for College Girl. This will be the 4th place she has lived in 3 years at college. She's learning to travel light and is a great packer!! This year she will be living in the Chi Omega Sorority House so she is downsizing a bit from last year's private room and bath in a house to a shared space. She is trying to reuse and repurpose - she is her Mother's daughter on this one!! She had one of these little cube stools from freshman year. It was black but I forgot to take a before pic. Here are the ones at Target.

They are everywhere and have a removable top for a small bit of storage and are covered in a strange brushed velour type fabric. All of them. I do not know why. But they are remarkably sturdy which is good. College Girl has to have hers so she can get in her bed when it is raised. They raise them as high as they can so they can store a lot of stuff under the bed. We are talking two sorority girls in a room with itty bitty closets. Creative storage is the name of the game. It works but when you are short like CG and you raise your bed then you need a boost to get in it!!

The girls chose coral and turquoise for their room colors and the black, velour-y stool wasn't going to cut it. I was dashing down the aisle at a discount store a week or two ago and spied this gorgeous coral fabric in a pile of remnatnts. $2.00 a yard. Score.

The "Grands" ( as College Girl calls my parents) were visiting last week and we pulled out the stool, the fabulous fabric and a heavy duty staple gun and CG, my mom and I went to work. An hour later we had this adorable stool all finished.

It's so stinking cute I'm trying to figure out where I can use one in my house.  
If you are searching an upscale looking ottoman for about $20.00 then this is the ticket!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The 4th of July Southern Style !!

Happy Fourth of July!!!
I am not at the beach* but I did have a wonderful lunch of BBQ pork, homemade sauces, baked beans, corn on the cob, potato salad and homemade peach ice cream with dear friends today.
College Girl is at the Braves game with friends.
What can I say, it's the 4th of July in the South!!!
It's all about BBQ and baseball!!!

* This photo was taken a few years ago on Oahu - just outside the door to our hotel and not far from the Pearl Harbor Memorial.