Thursday, October 29, 2015

#motherdaughterorc Week Four!

So, what's up this week?
Remember in the first post for the ORC
 when I said I wouldn't have to paint the walls, just touch up?
They are already white and painted about two years ago.
In a bath that is not used every day.
But as you know...

he wants a glass of milk...

and if you paint one thing in a room, the rest looks dingy...

(missing that 80's mauve and blue wallpaper, aren't you?)
So I have quickly painted the walls with a fresh coat of white paint.
Nothing feels better than freshly painted white walls.
We have fabric for the shower curtain.
(it's one of the ones below... wait and see which one she chose!! It was love at first sight for her!)

I am not a "sew-er" per se.
I can do simple things and while a shower curtain is a big square,
 I am a little nervous about diving in and matching the repeat.
( Mollie says, "You got this!")
 And on soooo much fabric.
 It takes some serious yardage to make a shower curtain.
Who knew??
I'm hoping for courage this weekend.
I'll let you know on IG how it's going :)

And doubters gonna doubt,

(they are upside down but it's not the artwork we are after!!)

 but I actually found two,
 yes 2,
 bamboo frames!!!!

There may or may not have been actual squealing
when these appeared at the church yard sale.
#isquealed #true story

They are not as fancy as the inspiration bamboo mirror frames but they were practically free.
I just have to replace the not great art work with mirror. And paint them. Color TBD.
And they are big. Mollie likes that.

Hopefully a lot begins to fall into place this week.
A lot hinges on dry weather and getting to knock out a lot of painting on Saturday.
And getting light fixtures hung and the wall patched where the old fixture was hanging. BTW, light fixture free to a good home if you are looking for an authentic 80's vibe!

We are at that point where nothing seems to be finished,
 but we are in better shape than we think.
Anyway, that's what I am telling myself
and Mollie is off to Destin for fun and sun with a sorority sister
( they have not seen each other since Mollie's graduation)

 so she must not be stressin' about the #motherdaughterorc!!

Be sure to go see  what all the other Guest participant's are doing by visiting
Calling It Home blog.

Thank you to Linda for motivating all of us!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

From My iphone

... 10/25/2015

1.To be as happy as a monkey with a new banana.

2. I co-ordinated a fundraiser yard sale at church to benefit our upcoming mission trips.
 I scored that bamboo chair!
#perksofthejob #someonehastobeincharge

3. I have no idea why but I get free Chic-Fil-A tea all the time. Like a lot.
I looooove CFA tea. I drink it unsweetened with extra lemon. 
If you don't sweeten tea in any way then it needs to be good. 
And it is. I drive thru a lot. A lot!
And if you follow on Instagram you have seen my posts about my good luck.
Sometimes it is the CFA drive thru peeps and sometimes it's the car ahead of me.

4. When I say, " Mollie let me take your picture!" this is what I get.

5.One of Mollie's adorable sorority sisters got married a couple of weeks ago. 
She asked me to make something they could hang on their cruise ship door. 
She sent me an "idea" pic and we came up with this.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

#motherdaughterorc Week 3

Progress or panic?
You be the judge!

I had a list last week and I was crossing things off and feeling groovy.
And now, the reality of Week 3.

We started painting the ceiling with Sherwin Williams Drizzle at 50% 
but it was a bit too dark for the small spaces. 
We loooooved the color but decided to lighten up and went with Drizzle at 25%
 which we absolutely love.

And to make everyone else participating in Calling It Home's ORC 
feel better I have posted our "progress" picture. 
It looks like something from a Halloween horror movie! #scary

And absolutely nothing happening on the floor front yet.
The wide gray cabana stripes were cute but they gotta go. 
And soon. (It's week 3 for crying out loud.)

But hey, we had a good day at Goodwill!

And last week you may have seen on Instagram
that I found the cutest little bamboo shelf at the best consignment shop in North Georgia.

There's a paint job in its future.

We would have liked to have made more progress this week but I am in charge of a huge yardsale fundraiser at church for our 2016 mission trips. Yes, we have to start now.
It is time consuming but it's exciting when beauties like these roll in...

(Henry Link at a yard sale. #happyday)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

#motherdaughterorc Week 2

Hello. My name is Marcie.
I am a list maker.
I make lists for everything.
When I'm on a big project ( like groceries for more than the next meal) I go around talking about my"comprehensive list."  :)
I add things to my lists just so that I can cross them off.
Oh yeah, I prefer to write my lists with Sharpies.
No erasing in my list making world!

Image result for sharpies

So this week is all about the list and what I can cross off!!

1. Paint the (currently yellow) ceiling. Mollie has chosen the soft turquoise color from the fabrics 

We are  going with Sherwin Williams Drizzle at 50%.  (Started, not finished, but delicious color!!)

2. Purchase shower curtain fabric. Priced it all over town -best price is just around the corner. Score!!!
3."Fix" the mirror cabinet over the toilet. Sand, paint, whatever it's going to take. Covering it is out because it is strategically located across from the over sink mirror and greatly aids Mollie in doing her hair. We want pretty but bathrooms must be functional. (Sanding. More sanding and more sanding!) 
(I forgot it was pink inside - from another time period than the lime green one!)
4. Decide on over sink lighting. (Ran all over downtown Atlanta but success!!! A sale, a coupon and the dangly fixtures I dreamed of are ours for such a ridiculous price. I cannot wait to share them!!)
5. Look for towel bars. The ones she has in there are old, were cheapies to start and are literally falling apart. We've kept them hanging around as long as we could. It's time to let them go. They will be leaving with the 80's light fixture :)  (I've looked but Molls is rolling into town for a big wedding and we can look together. She gets to choose!)
6. Window treatments. Both are small so we can do something fantastic with literally 1 yard of fabric. Excellent.
7. Think about art and the gallery wall idea. (Another #motherdaughterorc discussion for this weekend. We've texted but we need facetime in that room so we can decide some things!)
8. Continue to run through all Goodwills and Thrift Stores in a 20 mile radius scanning for bamboo mirrors, blue and white, and bamboo shelves and any other fabulous find that might be the perfect touch for the #motherdaughterorc Boho Chinoiserie bathroom. (I have not found mirrors but OH. MY. Goodness. I have found some awesome stuff this past week. I have had to leave good great stuff behind :( I have posted a few things on IG but some are yet to be revealed.) 

9. Begin to figure out what to do if the Thrifting Gods do not offer up a pair of bamboo mirrors ( It has happened to me before so I have hope!) (I'm looking but holding out hope... and the giant mirror that stretched across both vanities is down. In one piece. That sucker weighed a ton.) 
Now there's a lovely 'during' shot. Ouch. It's like something out of a horror movie.
#80swallpaper #remembermauve

10. Make a decision about floor and vanity paint. #toughone  (Hopefully Mollie has an  opinion on this!)

One of our challenges in this ORC is to work with what we have
(the things that are staying like the floor,etc.) 
 and love it at the end.
 (Truly, it can only get better. It was pretty bland before and while we can't just run out and buy every little detail we are wishing for, we are enjoying the process and doing it together!)

11. Oh, and stay focused and calm because while everyone calls it a 6 week challenge it's actually 5 working weeks with a reveal on the sixth posting day. I'm determined not to be in the same crazy place (remember Bupkis?)  halfway through as I was during the last ORC.
We have found a few things in the past week that we are excited to get creative with!

Follow along on molliesmom on Instagram.

And be sure to visit Calling It Home to see all the other participants!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

From My iphone....

... 10/10/15.

1. Last Sunday my youth kiddos from church met before 6 a.m. on a very wet and chilly morning to drive to a soup kitchen and serve breakfast to 
our hungry and homeless neighbors. 
Ugh, kids these days!

2. One of the young ladies who graduated last year went off to 
College of Charleston on a scholarship. 
She sent me this beautiful picture on my birthday that she took of downtown 
with her phone.
This was just a few days before Joaquin rolled into town.

3. A little birthday collage from Instagram to celebrate Mollie's birthday.
She turned 24!!! Whaaaat?

4. The Birthday Girl requested oysters popped on the grill. SLURP!! YUM!
Fun fact: we bring the delicious hot sauce in the pic above allllll the way from Honduras!!

5. Fact: I live in the metro Atlanta area. 
That means you spend half your life sitting still in traffic - no matter where you are.
 At some point - you sit. 
Not so bad when this is the view. 
It's for sale. It's huge. 
That would be a lifetime of One Room Challenges!!

6. Met my girl for Mexican and Margs yesterday and found this cute little bamboo shelf for practically nothin'. 
You'll be seeing it again.

7. Check this IG post to find out why there are chairs on my porch dining table.
But isn't that evening light magical??

8. I have been invited to serve on a team of designers for a 
Junior League Holiday House. 
Yikes!! I'm not an interior designer - they dress nicely. I wear paint clothes. Out in public.
 A lot.
More important though- this is the hallway in "our" model home.
 I am standing just inside the front door looking down the hall to the kitchen.
It's pure awesomeness!!

Last weekend was the beautiful wedding and fun, fun reception. 
 Father- Daughter dance.
Mollie and the Bride (our beautiful cousin) had already ditched the heels by now.

10. And I'm not usually one for selfies or mirror shots but this is what has been piled on top of my head or pulled back for the last 2 years.
 And it will be gone in a couple of weeks.
 I have reached my goal and 
I am donating to Children With Hair Loss.
Their minimum is 8 inches but they love to get longer hair. 
I would try for another inch or two but my hair seems to have reached it's limit.
So I'm looking for a great hairdresser with a knack for cute short hair haircuts. 
I haven't needed one in years now ( sounds crazy, huh?)  
I prefer to get my haircut in Virginia ( my mom's hairdresser is the bomb) but the haircut and a visit to VA are not coinciding.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

One Room Challenge #motherdaughterorc

This One Room Challenge is going to see some Mother- Daughter action!!

So Inspiration time.
Mollie's bathroom  (when she is home) is in the upstairs hall
and serves as a guest bath when we have overnight guests.
It has had a few tweaks here and there but really hasn't gotten much attention since she went to college and it's time for the d├ęcor to "grow up."
(During the middle school years it was bright purple, turquoise and lime green.
 Apologies to any guests who had to go in there before morning coffee. 
But she loved it. 
It was soooo middle school.)

It is comprised of a long room with a double vanity and a small shower/toilet room off to the right. The rooms each have a window which is nice.

A lot of things are staying like the vanity and fixtures and, unfortunately,
we are not reflooring this room right now.

She would like Chinoiserie to meet Boho Chic.
How do you do?

Where to begin?
There are so many things I love about this bathroom by Chez V.
One of her ORC's. Her kitchen ORC is amazing as well.
And her garden. And her textiles. 
I love her blog and follow her on IG.
She is talented and entertaining!!
We are going to try and channel a little Chez V-ness!!

Mollie wants a Chinoiserie shower curtain.
 That's been in the works since before we decided to take on this bathroom for the ORC.
(You may have seen some of the fabrics we have scouted out on Instagram
Sneak peek below!! )

I love the colors, the "collected over time" feel of this room.
Lots of white and an elephant.
All good.

( Sneak peek!)

Lots of white in this bathroom below.
 Right now our walls are white and weren't painted that long ago. We will just have some small touch ups to do and repair nail holes when we move art. I hope.
I've only done one previous ORC and painting that room white ended up taking foreverrrrr.

And separate mirrors.
Down with the giant wall of mirror over the vanity. 
Wish us luck taking that monster down.

La Dolce Vita:

I also love the tone on tone between the white walls ad pale grayish vanity.

On the wish list.
Bamboo mirrors.
Hoping for a goodwill/thriftstore/ craigslist score.

House of Turquoise: designstiles:

 LOVE this pagoda mirror - great color and beautiful statement piece in a room:
Maybe paint them for a pop of color.

I love this pair of mirrors in the ORC picture below.
I actually love all bamboo mirrors as I've demonstrated before.


Or maybe natural.
If I found the pair below I wouldn't hang them on the wall.
 I'd probably sleep with them under my pillow.
They are perfect. Perfect.

the pink clutch ...: One Room Challenge ... week 1:
And they framed out the giant wall of mirror and just layered. 
I like that. I have a mirror over mirror in the master bathroom. We shall see.

As we said. There will be bamboo.
 And blue and white. Because.

jamie meares collecting 12:

And the floor.
I painted it a few years ago (stripes)  and it is not going anywhere 
so I'm considering a design this time or a subtle tone on tone stripe if I stick with the stripes. Either way I'm repainting the floors. Oy. It's not hard, the rooms aren't large it's just the drying time. But, I will say that two years later they still look good and there have been nail polish remover spills and lots of water splashed around on them.
Whatever happens on the floor and with the mirrors greatly affects the vanity 
and what color we end up painting it.
 So that's a big unknown right now.

The Bohemian Bathroom: 10 Ways to Get the Look | Apartment Therapy:


 I would love to re-tile the bathroom with wood tiles from Mirth Studio
For more than one reason. 
Love the designs. She's from Charleston and it's such a unique and stylish product.
 And she's from Charleston  ;)


There are a couple of spots where we could use some art to create a small Anna Spiro style gallery wall and emphasize that collected look, evolved over time look that we like. 

Country Style Magazine. Interior designer Anna Spiro's amazing talent for mixing colour and pattern is obvious in every corner of her Queensland home. Photography Jared Fowler Styling Anna Spiro ‪#‎countrystylemag‬:

 We have one problem area that has me a bit stumped.
 The tomato in the room. (Do you watch Parenthood?)

It is an antique medicine cabinet that is installed into the wall over the toilet.
It seemed like a good idea years ago. :(

  It could be worked on and become a cool kind of boho spot in the room or we could just cover it with a giant piece of artwork.
 Out of site. Out of mind.

We could get wordy with the giant art if we go that route.

 ( This is pretty funny, if you ask me.)

#bedroom  Source: Domaine Home -  View entire slideshow: 21 of the Prettiest Bedrooms in the World on

And we are going to be brave and strong and let the 1980's light fixture go.
 We will miss it so.

The ceiling fan in the WC has to stay. It's like a sauna in there  year round after a shower.
So something dangly in the other room might be nice.
 I have my eye on something on clearance 
but I like the chance to bring in another fabric pattern as well.
Fabric covered drum shade pendants like theses would accomplish that.

Image result for diy fabric covered drum shade

Whatever we decide it's 'buh-bye' to the 80's bright brass light fixture that we painted white a few years ago ( Lipstick on a pig, I know!)
 And we must score some bamboo shelves for storage. 
The thrifting Gods must smile on me and quickly 
because those ORC weeks fly by faster than the last 5 shopping days before Christmas!

Image 1:

I'm off to see what everyone else is up to!!

Thank you to Linda at Calling It Home for hosting.