Saturday, October 10, 2015

From My iphone....

... 10/10/15.

1. Last Sunday my youth kiddos from church met before 6 a.m. on a very wet and chilly morning to drive to a soup kitchen and serve breakfast to 
our hungry and homeless neighbors. 
Ugh, kids these days!

2. One of the young ladies who graduated last year went off to 
College of Charleston on a scholarship. 
She sent me this beautiful picture on my birthday that she took of downtown 
with her phone.
This was just a few days before Joaquin rolled into town.

3. A little birthday collage from Instagram to celebrate Mollie's birthday.
She turned 24!!! Whaaaat?

4. The Birthday Girl requested oysters popped on the grill. SLURP!! YUM!
Fun fact: we bring the delicious hot sauce in the pic above allllll the way from Honduras!!

5. Fact: I live in the metro Atlanta area. 
That means you spend half your life sitting still in traffic - no matter where you are.
 At some point - you sit. 
Not so bad when this is the view. 
It's for sale. It's huge. 
That would be a lifetime of One Room Challenges!!

6. Met my girl for Mexican and Margs yesterday and found this cute little bamboo shelf for practically nothin'. 
You'll be seeing it again.

7. Check this IG post to find out why there are chairs on my porch dining table.
But isn't that evening light magical??

8. I have been invited to serve on a team of designers for a 
Junior League Holiday House. 
Yikes!! I'm not an interior designer - they dress nicely. I wear paint clothes. Out in public.
 A lot.
More important though- this is the hallway in "our" model home.
 I am standing just inside the front door looking down the hall to the kitchen.
It's pure awesomeness!!

Last weekend was the beautiful wedding and fun, fun reception. 
 Father- Daughter dance.
Mollie and the Bride (our beautiful cousin) had already ditched the heels by now.

10. And I'm not usually one for selfies or mirror shots but this is what has been piled on top of my head or pulled back for the last 2 years.
 And it will be gone in a couple of weeks.
 I have reached my goal and 
I am donating to Children With Hair Loss.
Their minimum is 8 inches but they love to get longer hair. 
I would try for another inch or two but my hair seems to have reached it's limit.
So I'm looking for a great hairdresser with a knack for cute short hair haircuts. 
I haven't needed one in years now ( sounds crazy, huh?)  
I prefer to get my haircut in Virginia ( my mom's hairdresser is the bomb) but the haircut and a visit to VA are not coinciding.

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