Thursday, October 29, 2015

#motherdaughterorc Week Four!

So, what's up this week?
Remember in the first post for the ORC
 when I said I wouldn't have to paint the walls, just touch up?
They are already white and painted about two years ago.
In a bath that is not used every day.
But as you know...

he wants a glass of milk...

and if you paint one thing in a room, the rest looks dingy...

(missing that 80's mauve and blue wallpaper, aren't you?)
So I have quickly painted the walls with a fresh coat of white paint.
Nothing feels better than freshly painted white walls.
We have fabric for the shower curtain.
(it's one of the ones below... wait and see which one she chose!! It was love at first sight for her!)

I am not a "sew-er" per se.
I can do simple things and while a shower curtain is a big square,
 I am a little nervous about diving in and matching the repeat.
( Mollie says, "You got this!")
 And on soooo much fabric.
 It takes some serious yardage to make a shower curtain.
Who knew??
I'm hoping for courage this weekend.
I'll let you know on IG how it's going :)

And doubters gonna doubt,

(they are upside down but it's not the artwork we are after!!)

 but I actually found two,
 yes 2,
 bamboo frames!!!!

There may or may not have been actual squealing
when these appeared at the church yard sale.
#isquealed #true story

They are not as fancy as the inspiration bamboo mirror frames but they were practically free.
I just have to replace the not great art work with mirror. And paint them. Color TBD.
And they are big. Mollie likes that.

Hopefully a lot begins to fall into place this week.
A lot hinges on dry weather and getting to knock out a lot of painting on Saturday.
And getting light fixtures hung and the wall patched where the old fixture was hanging. BTW, light fixture free to a good home if you are looking for an authentic 80's vibe!

We are at that point where nothing seems to be finished,
 but we are in better shape than we think.
Anyway, that's what I am telling myself
and Mollie is off to Destin for fun and sun with a sorority sister
( they have not seen each other since Mollie's graduation)

 so she must not be stressin' about the #motherdaughterorc!!

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Thank you to Linda for motivating all of us!!

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  1. Oh I love the fabric choices and those bamboo frames are perfect! The shower curtain is going to be beautiful and worth it! Keep it up! Sarah