Sunday, October 25, 2015

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... 10/25/2015

1.To be as happy as a monkey with a new banana.

2. I co-ordinated a fundraiser yard sale at church to benefit our upcoming mission trips.
 I scored that bamboo chair!
#perksofthejob #someonehastobeincharge

3. I have no idea why but I get free Chic-Fil-A tea all the time. Like a lot.
I looooove CFA tea. I drink it unsweetened with extra lemon. 
If you don't sweeten tea in any way then it needs to be good. 
And it is. I drive thru a lot. A lot!
And if you follow on Instagram you have seen my posts about my good luck.
Sometimes it is the CFA drive thru peeps and sometimes it's the car ahead of me.

4. When I say, " Mollie let me take your picture!" this is what I get.

5.One of Mollie's adorable sorority sisters got married a couple of weeks ago. 
She asked me to make something they could hang on their cruise ship door. 
She sent me an "idea" pic and we came up with this.

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