Friday, February 19, 2016


This is pretty funny.
 I never. never. take any of those zillion "quizzes" that show up on FB.
 What Disney character are you most like? What food are you most like?
What state should you live in?
(duh. Hawaii)
But for whatever reason I took this one from Coastal Living: What's your true blue?
And well, this is pretty funny ( read below the color swatch)
cause I loooove turquoise and my porch ceiling is painted blue (Charleston SC gal)  and melon ( or coral) is a color I often choose to accent my turquoise with!
Hello Sunshine! Your cheerful, optimistic disposition can brighten even the stormiest day. Like turquoise, you're on everyone's most-wanted list, and you decorate your home to uplift one and all (the laughter bellowing out from your kitchen and back porch doesn't hurt either.) Speaking of, nice work painting that porch ceiling a fun shade of aqua, making your guests feel like they're lounging in Key West. And since you pride yourself in a well-stocked bar, that's a great spot for your turquoise collection of vintage barware, wall frames, or porcelain. But even the crowd-pleasing turquoise comes with a word of caution: The same way you wouldn't invite only shrinking violets to your party, you should resist playing it safe with an all-pastel palette. The more interesting its contrast color (think melon, chartreuse, olive, and lilac), the more turquoise shines like the color star it is.
So in honor of my true blue and because I have Spring Fever in a big way
and I'm ready to sit on my porch with the "fun shade" of aqua ceiling, here are some images to celebrate "my color"...
Best color to paint a faux bamboo chair?
spray paint an old ugly bamboo chair.  I just saw one of these chairs at a second store I am going back!:
 This could facilitate sweet dreams...
 Turquoise Bamboo Headboard:

I've realllly been wanting to paint my front door turquoise.
Like for years.
 Dratted green roof.

Transform a standard hollow door by covering it with a photo!! A high resolution photo printed onto firm paper..lay door flat and glue it on..seal...perfect!!:

Turquoise door - Cindy Jaureque:

Things would just taste better, wouldn't they?
(This kitchen is amazing on so many levels)

<3 adorable turquoise blue and earthy terracota color combo:

Engrave with beach wedding details and provide to guests for shade! Colour co-ordinate with decor.:

Only map I need.

HAWAII MAP Printable Instant Download Poster Home Decor Wall Art Digitale CM201teal

I have a turquoise bread box in my kitchen already!!
This sleek Turquoise Blue Bread Bin is the perfect storage solution for bread, buns, baguettes and bagels alike! The lid swings up easily and small holes at the back allow air to circulate. Thanks ...:

Could this place be for real???

celiabasto: beach boat, turquoise waters:

NEW NEW NEW! don't miss out on new arrivals! shop now // fast worldwide delivery xx:

Tropical Cottages Of Coconut Grove:

Don't you feel relaxed just looking at all these calming, turquoise images?

Of course, it makes me want to paint something turquoise and soon!

Watch out for these ovarian cancer symptoms:      Persistent stomach pain     Persistent bloating     Finding it difficult to eat or feeling full quickly     Needing to wee more often

All of these images are found on my Pinterest boards
 where you can find the original sources for these gorgeous turquoise images.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

from my iphone


What a beauty and they were practically giving it away.
 But I do not need it :(
I hope someone grabbed it up and gave it a happy home -
sometimes Craigslist is too much temptation for me!

It snowed again.
It didn't really amount to much. Again. 
We still had to go to work.

 It was super cold. Like 19 degrees. In Atlanta.
Some of us hibernated.

I put my flannel PJ pants on and snuggled up to read.
 Every couple of years I drag my Rosamunde Pilcher books off the shelf and re-read.
 My mom discovered her books years ago and got me hooked. 
I needed a little Brit Lit fix.
 Maybe it's all the Downton Abbey watching that's going on.
 I drank hot tea and read and read.
I may or may not have spoken to the dogs in a British accent.

Mollie and I went to the ballet.
Moulin Rouge. It was fabulous.

And I have serious Spring Fever.
 But there is hope. The groundhog said "early Spring."
I bought red tulips for the kitchen table. They are my dads favorite flower.

And that's about it for my iphone randomness. 
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pink Chinoiserie!

For Valentine's Day!

I had a scrap of birch plywood on the porch
 and I had not put anything on my front door since the Christmas decorations came down

So I cut out a big, fat heart.

I put a quick primer coat of white paint on it.
And then I grabbed some pink paint.
A little bit of quick sketching.

And then I just quickly painted some images
 from my favorite blue and white dishes that I have around the house.

 It was a lot of fun.
 You just need one color of paint and some white paint. 
That's it!
I used Sherwin Williams Eros (deep pink.) 

I wanted to freshen things up a bit. It's been so gray lately.

And Mollie has a friend coming to stay for the weekend. 
A group of them are going out to celebrate "Singles Awareness Day" this weekend. 
The name for February 14th if you are unattached :)

I had the perfect pink Greek Key ribbon!
A quick bow and on the front door it goes!

Nothing says "hello" like a pink Chinoiserie heart
 and some sunshine!

This was a quick and easy project. 
And since I have wanted to make blue and white Chinoiserie Christmas ornaments for literally two years
 I'm feeling pretty accomplished to get this painted 
and show the front door some love!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Our family room walls are white. 
Glossy, regular old Sherwin Williams "white."

(They've been burgundy, tan, greige and
 an unfortunate gray blue that looked like baby boy nursery blue in our light in that room.
 That was repainted in a flash!)

 Nothing fancy.
( But the glossy part is important to me. )

This picture was taken with my iphone on a rainy afternoon. Sorry it's not better :)
My parents gave me a 1 time deep house cleaning as a gift back in July  (right before Mollie's college graduation party) and a team of 4 ladies spent about 6 hours at my house.
 They cleaned everything. It was!!
 Even though the pic is grainy everything is spotless at the same time!!! #trueluxury

And right there smack dab in the middle is the scary fan!
It has been replaced with a ceiling hugging bamboo fan without a light fixture.

There's a lot of white in that room but there is also a lot of texture.

Shiny tortoiseshell bamboo and sandpaper rough coral.

Natural elements like turtle shell, glossy green leaves, small sea shells.
Green glass, blue and white pottery.
(The turtle shell is a musical instrument from Honduras and was a gift. They eat the turtle meat and repurpose the shell.
And I just noticed a Sharpie on the wicker tray. I'm never far from a Sharpie!)

Wicker and rattan and more bamboo.
And lots of textiles. 
Quilted and woven. Ikat and Velvet.

(The blue and white blanket was woven in Honduras and brought home on our previous trip.)

More coral, pewter, shiny book jackets and painted wood.

And glossy white walls, shiny black lamps, textured oil painting, carved wooden boxes and shiny, shiny conch shells from a Bahamas trip with rough brick below 
(and, oh, how I want to paint that brick white!)

The trim is glossy white, too.
 I love light reflecting off of glossy surfaces and it helps in a room that doesn't get much light.

More bamboo  and wood and mixed metals. 

Texture is a game changer and a best friend to white walls!