Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lookin' Up.

We have needed a bit of a ceiling fan refresh round here.
This was not just a design decision...

Image result for bamboo ceiling fans at lowes
(Although I knew I wanted a bamboo one!!)
A while back I was snoozing on the couch in the family room and a weird crashing sound woke me up, the dogs barked like crazy, it was dark in the room and I went back to sleep. 
Turns out that one of the blades on our ceiling fan broke off- the brass part not the wood- went flying through the air and  crashed into the wall... 
 barely missing my favorite painting in the whole house -whew!

So to be sure that none of us is decapitated by a ceiling fan blade in the near future, we have been checking them out and replacing any that, in addition to circulating air on a warm day, might act as a guillotine.

Image result for bamboo ceiling fans at lowes
( I want this one in my entry way. In my beach house. On an island!! #keepdreamin' )
 We live in the Deep South and they are necessary almost year 'round!
For instance, it was 72 degrees on Christmas day here.
Warmer than usual but we still needed a little breeze.
The are an actual survival item when it's 90 degrees plus for days on end 
during the Summer.

Ceiling fans often get a bad rap on shelter blogs and Pinterest. 

funniest memes quotes ever (21)

And they are not as beautiful as many light fixtures, but again, it's the South. 

Hahahaha!! I actually really wanted a cute little black chandelier for my room.. But I didn't want to give up my ceiling fan!! :p Haha!:

Image result for bamboo ceiling fans at lowes
Not bamboo but I love the old fashioned vibe!! 
It reminds me of the fans in old beach dives!!
See larger picture of Fanimation Ceiling Fan Model FP602AB - photo
 And how about this beauty of a beachy fan???
It reminds me of the amazing fans at the beachfront bars and restaurants in Hawaii!!
( Think Dukes Waikiki or Hula Grill Kaanapali - two of our faves!!)

The top 3 images are from Lowes, we bought one very similar to the first fan pictured at Lowe's*, and bonus - ceiling fans were on major sale every where I looked.
So check your fans (seriously!!) and maybe you can find a great sale 
before it gets hot and sunny!!

* I am not compensated by Lowe's in any way. Just wanted to share our scary fan blade story so you can check yours and buy one on sale if needed!!

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