Friday, January 22, 2016

Gray Day 1/21/2016

(This was supposed to post yesterday but THE INTERNET decided differently!!)

It has been a gray day in Atlanta.
All day.
I mean the color of the sky has been exactly the same all day.
You can't tell if it's 11 a.m., noon, or 4 p.m.

(This is the view from Mollie's Midtown office window. She's waaaay up high!)
And our forecast for tomorrow is that "we may or may not have snow."
How's that for succinct?
But, just in case, people here  are buying bread and milk like there's no tomorrow.

We bought our favorite ginger beer (this stuff is the bomb!) for Moscow Mules and salmon and veggies, the stuff to make 3 different kinds of GF muffins and the newly released movie, "The Intern."
That's how we roll. 
The thought of being snowed in WITH bread and milk depresses me. 

We like to party because it'll be over in no time flat.

I know that from the state line of Virginia up they are bracing for a big storm
 ( my parents are getting snow!) 

So I thought I'd post a few of my favorite "snowy" things!

You may have seen this on my Instagram

The Toms Nepal boots are my favorite for keeping my feet warm. 
They are coz-y and I got mine on big time sale with Christmas $$.
And as always, 

If you do get snowed in and are looking for something to keep kiddos busy 
using things you have on hand, try this: 

There are a lot more snow and snowman projects on the blog!
Check them out!

I think snow is beautiful.
I just like it in small doses :)

Three of my favorite "snowy" places that I have been are:

Georgetown, Colorado.  This is where John Denver filmed a Christmas movie.  Beautiful little town.:

Georgetown Colorado.
 It's full of adorable cottages and John Denver filmed a sweet Christmas movie there years ago. We "taped" it with the VCR and it was one of Mollie's favorites when she was young!

 Chamonix, France 
 I have never seen so much snow!!

Image result for chamonix france

Image result for college fjord

and College Fjord, Alaska.

But most of all, when it snows, I like to be at home, snuggled up with my family and pooches.

 The view from my front door during our last big snow in Atlanta!

Stay safe and warm!!

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