Monday, September 21, 2020

Fall Favorites

 Fall Favorites... from last year. 

We have 3 September birthdays at our house (the last one on the 29th) so it has always been our tradition to decorate for Fall after that - at the beginning of October. 

I don't think I ever blogged about our fall decorations last year so I thought I'd share today since it is the first day of Fall 2020! Yay- we made it!

I did post a few of these images on IG last year but in kooky 2020 reality my IG is currently not working so sharing there right now is hit or miss! 

I painted a pumpkin patch full of blue and white chinoiserie pumpkins and sprinkled them around the house and on the screened in porch.

I'm more of a white or heirloom pumpkin kind of gal over the bright orange ones.
 And I love the little, tiny white pumpkins most of all!

The other kind of pumpkin that I really like are these natural, terra cotta pumpkins that you can put a candle or battery light in. I bought a huge one many, many years ago at a Fall Festival and used it for years until it was broken in a move. Last Summer I found a small one at a thrift store! I was so excited that I became focused on finding as many as I could while out thrifting.

I was pretty successful finding them - I look on the seasonal decorations aisle at every thrift store and year round. I find them all the time - not just in the Fall.

Here's my collection from last October. 
It's grown since then. I'm excited to pull them all out this year!

You can use a real votive or a battery operated votive. 

These are a great alternative for those of us in the Deep South where we can't carve a real pumpkin until a day or two before Halloween. (The heat is not a carved pumpkins friend!!)

I've been painting chinoiserie pumpkins this weekend and I've added to my terra cotta pumpkin collection so I'll be sharing this years' Fall Fun on October 1!

Have you started decorating for Fall? 

Friday, September 4, 2020

You Say Tomato...


Waaaay back in early April we filled our time installing a trough garden
and ordering tomato plants for drive up pick up!

This weekend we will be eating our largest harvest to date!  

First up, BLATs! Bacon, lettuce, tomato plus avocado! Traditional BLTs are fabulous but the creamy avocado is a nice addition! And we basically will put avocado slices on anything :)

Sometimes, though, all you need is that delicious tomato and some basil straight from the garden. Our favorite GF bread is from Trader Joe's and we make our mayo the way we learned during a Whole30 cooking spree. 

There's nothing like a homegrown tomato. We've learned a lot since we started here...

(There are some early trough garden videos saved to my IG highlights.)

We had so much fun growing tomatoes and herbs 
that we are researching fall crops for the trough garden!
We will keep you posted