Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Thrifting for Your Home is the Ultimate Recycling

Thrifting home decor is the ultimate recycling or, at least, that is how I feel about it. 

We celebrate Earth Day this week and focus on greener, cleaner practices and think about sustainability, fair trade, repurposing, reusing and recycling. Hopefully there are things we all do that go far beyond this single day to positively impact our planet. But it's always a good time to reevaluate our practices and plan to do more in our efforts to preserve and conserve.

I think thrifting and shopping vintage definitely qualifies as a sound, sustainable practice. Items are kept out of landfills and impulse purchases of trendy items are hopefully reduced. It is educating to see vintage and antique items that have been around a long time and were well used but are still be viable, desired even. 

One of the things that I feel checks all the sustainability boxes is thrifted bamboo furniture.

 It's a lesson in, and of, itself:

"Eco-friendly, strong and stunning, bamboo is ideal for creating sustainable furnitureBamboo grows rapidly, requires no chemicals to thrive, offers maximum strength and durability and shines in its warm, rich tones. Bamboo creates eco-friendly furniture of the finest magnitude."  via

I don't think you could find a better argument than above for bamboo furniture's many earth friendly qualities but when you add in thrifting that piece of furniture then you add in another positive layer.

Vintage bamboo items are proof that not only is bamboo easily and responsibly replenished but it lasts and has style and appeal that spans the decades. If you think it is 'trendy' right now then, yes, it is popular with lots of people in lots of styles but bamboo furniture is a classic. Cultivating and building with bamboo can be traced back 7,000 years. There are examples of many styles of bamboo furniture in many different cultures. 

I love when I find an amazing vintage or secondhand bamboo piece for my home. I love its qualities, warmth, and texture. 

I truly believe every room could use a touch (or more) of fabulous, sustainable, thrifted bamboo!

My motto is #nobambooleftbehind when I go thrifting :)

All images are from my home - inside and out. 

There are many items that can be thrifted and repurposed or put to good use in our homes. What's your favorite? You know mine, bamboo furniture!

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!

 I'm up early (4:30!!!) to get ready for Sunrise Service this morning so I thought I would share some  of my favorite Easter images. 

(If you follow on Instagram you have already seen some of these!)

Mostly chinoiserie eggs, azaleas and some little bunnies I've had for years for our Easter decor this year. It was all what we had on hand but it was cheery to have a round - especially because the two weeks before Easter were rainy and unusually cold! March went out like a lion!

This little moss bunny was very popular on IG. Lots of questions about where to find one like it. I bought this years ago at Pier One. It was listed as a bunny pick in the floral area. Somebody needs to make one next year - it would sell like hotcakes!

This simple one is from Palm Sunday but I'm including it as well.

I hope that however, wherever and with whomever you celebrate that today is full of joy!

Happy Easter!