Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!

 I'm up early (4:30!!!) to get ready for Sunrise Service this morning so I thought I would share some  of my favorite Easter images. 

(If you follow on Instagram you have already seen some of these!)

Mostly chinoiserie eggs, azaleas and some little bunnies I've had for years for our Easter decor this year. It was all what we had on hand but it was cheery to have a round - especially because the two weeks before Easter were rainy and unusually cold! March went out like a lion!

This little moss bunny was very popular on IG. Lots of questions about where to find one like it. I bought this years ago at Pier One. It was listed as a bunny pick in the floral area. Somebody needs to make one next year - it would sell like hotcakes!

This simple one is from Palm Sunday but I'm including it as well.

I hope that however, wherever and with whomever you celebrate that today is full of joy!

Happy Easter!

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