Monday, December 24, 2012

Are You Ready??...

... to party with The Grinch??

Just a couple of shots of the Grinch Party we had last night.

We watched the movie, ate from the popcorn buffet ( a popped bag of popcorn per person and you top with whatever you want!!) and drank Grinch Punch (Sprite and lime sherbert) from Grinch cups that we got to take home!!

 I just gathered up anything green - napkins, plates, plastic serving containers, trees, etc and added the awesome Grinch cups I found at Wal Mart. I bought swirly candy cane straws at The Dollar Tree. A super easy party to prep for!

I painted the classic Grinch quote on a pre-cut smooth paneling board from Home Depot. It is about 30 x 40 and is less than $6.00. It has a great surface to paint on - a coat of primer and off you go- and is easy to transport because it's so much sturdier than foam core. Since it costs about the same thing as foam core I prefer to go with the board. It is thin and lightweight, too. You can paint over it if the prop isn't something you want to save.

 The Grinch in the box of Christmas wrapping trash is straight off Pinterest* ( I saw this project on Pinterest but it has been brought to my attention that it was not linked back to the originator's website. Please see the comments below to link back to the original website. I created mine from the picture on Pinterest and did not take credit for it but I'm sure the original instructions are very helpful) as was the idea for Grinch Punch.
 The Grinch from a milk jug - right up my alley!!! Wish I had thought of it :)

So, Merry Christmas to all you Whos in Whoville!!!

*Dear Mollie's Mom. I commented on the Milk Jug Grinch Craft you have up on your blog, but you didn't acknowledge my comment. The Milk Jug Grinch Craft was created by me and is up on my web site on this page:
I designed the craft and am the copyright owner. You state that you got the idea from Pinterest, but Pinterest is not the source, my web site is the source and you must follow my copyright regulations which state that you must link back to my web site for the complete directions and give my site credit. Please correct this entry and give my site credit. While many of my crafts are free they are still valuable to me. I spend a lot of time developing them and when people copy them and post them on blogs and don't give me credit I lose customers. Thanks
By the way, it came out great!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Missing: One Grinch!

Usually it is a good thing when you can't find a Grinch anywhere around you but my Grinch is missing!!! He usually happily (as happily as a Grinch can) hangs out on the swinging bed on the porch the entire holiday season. I've looked everywhere. Where could he be??
I've even asked the 2 furry Goldens.
Maybe they know and are keeping quiet.
 Mums the word around Mom when it's about missing furry stuffed toys.

They've already 86'd the Beanie Baby Flamingo peeking around the pillow at Mr. Grinch!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

And They're Off...

... to good homes! I've been delivering for 3 days and my kitchen table is finally clear. Now we can fill it back up with baking and wrapping!
The Gingerbread Man on the right has his saying permanently painted on instead of a chalkboard!! The owner said she wanted it painted on because she doesn't write like I do and she wants it to look like that all the time :)  Too funny.


Mr. Snowman is all buttoned up!
Check out the roll of cute owl Christmas paper on the left.
Guess whose gifts will be wrapped in that?
Again, middle-of-the night pictures but two long, skinny signs off to the same house.
Two little custom order ornaments are left to deliver and I'm closing up shop until after the first of the year!! It's been fun to be this busy but I'm ready to finish my decorating and bake some cookies when College Girl rolls in from finals!