Tuesday, December 4, 2012

And They're Off...

... to good homes! I've been delivering for 3 days and my kitchen table is finally clear. Now we can fill it back up with baking and wrapping!
The Gingerbread Man on the right has his saying permanently painted on instead of a chalkboard!! The owner said she wanted it painted on because she doesn't write like I do and she wants it to look like that all the time :)  Too funny.


Mr. Snowman is all buttoned up!
Check out the roll of cute owl Christmas paper on the left.
Guess whose gifts will be wrapped in that?
Again, middle-of-the night pictures but two long, skinny signs off to the same house.
Two little custom order ornaments are left to deliver and I'm closing up shop until after the first of the year!! It's been fun to be this busy but I'm ready to finish my decorating and bake some cookies when College Girl rolls in from finals!

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  1. I love the snow man. I am making one. I tried to make the ginger bread man and I used the tutorial for the peppermint at the bottom and I messed it up the paint crackled after I put the red on but with the white splatter it turned our OK.